Anatolian Cat

Lisa Selvaggio
by Lisa Selvaggio
fast facts

About Anatolian Cat

15-25 lb
Powerful, athletic, agile
12-17 years
Best Suited For
Families with children and other pets, first-time cat owners, active families
Devoted, loving, energetic, quiet
Comparable Breeds
Turkish Van, Turkish Angora
9-11 inches
Anatolian Cat Breed History

The Anatolian Cat is also referred to as the Turkish Shorthair and the Anadolu Kedisi. It is a natural breed that is quite similar to the Turkish Van. And although the breed originated in Turkey, it is also now also found in the United States and Europe.

Anatolian cats are very loving and affectionate towards their human companions.

Breed Traits

Anatolian cats are very loving and affectionate towards their human companions. And despite their large size, they are also really gentle, especially around children. Often referred to as “gentle giants,” Anatolians enjoy the company of humans and other pets, so they can do very well in families that have a range of species for pets.

These cats also tend to be rather quiet and mellow, enjoying a good rest in your lap. They are often seen purring, softly meowing, and chirping to exhibit their happiness. But when they are not resting with their humans or lounging around, they can be seen energetically jumping to the highest places around the house. These cats are athletic and muscular, so they enjoy playing, running, and leaping. Cat trees, toys, and regular play sessions with their human families and other pets are important to keep these cats happy and healthy.

The Anatolian cat breed is also unique because these cats actually like water. Like the Turkish Van, they are fascinated by water and attracted to it, so owners should not be surprised when their Anatolian cats make it a point to get themselves wet whenever they can, even though most cats tend to dislike water and getting their fur wet.

Overall Description

Anatolians have medium-sized bodies that are muscular and quite strong. One of their distinctive characteristics is the fact that their back legs are a bit longer than their front legs, giving them the ability to easily jump to very high places, such as the top of your refrigerator or even the top of your door. In fact, many people are amazed by how high these cats can jump with incredible ease.

These cats are typically really agile and hardy, with a very thick, soft, smooth coat. Their eyes can be bright yellow, dark amber, or green in color.

Anatolians also feature large, round feet with tufts of fur that can stick out from between the toes, as well as a long, muscular tail. Their heads are broad, with strong cheeks and almond-shaped eyes.

Though large in stature, these cats will not reach their full size until they are about 5 years of age because they are slow growers.


Like the Turkish Angora and the Turkish Van, Anatolian cats come in a variety of natural colors. Some Anatolians even have the classic markings of the Turkish Van as well. And white Anatolians can have two blue eyes or one eye that is blue and another that is yellow or green.

Grooming Requirements

Because Anatolians are a shorthaired breed without an undercoat, basic grooming is sufficient. Gently brushing the coat once a week should help in keeping the cat’s skin and fur healthy and soft.

Photo credit: Matěj Jindrák/Flickr

Lisa Selvaggio
Lisa Selvaggio

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