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Aphrodite Giant

  • Lifespan: 12-15 years
  • Physique: Large with long legs
  • Best Suited For: Any pet loving household, including singles and families with kids and other pets
  • Temperament: Relaxed, loving, social, calm, attention-seeking

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The Aphrodite Giant cat breed is one of two naturally occurring breeds from Cyprus. Experts believe that these particular felines developed throughout the mountainous regions in Cyprus and, thanks to their large size, these cats easily hunted large prey animals.

Aphrodite Giants also have uniquely long hind legs, which allow them to climb up steep slopes with greater ease, so it is clear that they were well adapted to life in the mountains. And because conditions in their habitat were harsh, they developed a luxuriously thick coat that could help them stay warm throughout the winter.

The Aphrodite Giant cat breed is one of two naturally occurring breeds from Cyprus.

The Aphrodite Giant cat breed is one of two naturally occurring breeds from Cyprus.This rare breed has a wonderful personality and a calm temperament that makes it perfect for any cat loving family, including those with children and other pets. These kitties really do make ideal pets, as they are extremely social and loving.

Because they enjoy the company of others, Aphrodite Giant cats should not be housed alone or left alone for extended periods of time. Instead, they should have a fellow feline companion to keep them company, and you should be able to spend plenty of time interacting with and snuggling with your pet.

These cats especially love being spoiled, so giving them treats and brushing them regularly will make them feel loved and appreciated.

Overall Description  

The most distinctive feature of the Aphrodite Giant breed is its size. These kitties are described as massive, with triangular shaped heads, long high legs, and long, lean bodies. Also, their eyes can either be oval or almond shaped, and they are set wide apart on the face, while the ears are pointed and straight, sitting high up on the head.

The torso of the Aphrodite Giant breed is powerful, long, and muscular, with back legs that are higher than those in the front. These unique cats also have a tail that is either medium or long in terms of its length when compared to the rest of the body, and the tail can also be quite full and bushy.

It takes up to three years for these cats to reach full size, at which point they will be big felines that are truly impressive in appearance.

The Aphrodite Giant cat breed is one of two naturally occurring breeds from Cyprus.Aphrodite Giant is a breed that comes in all colors except lilac, fawn, cinnamon, mink, pointed, and chocolate. Solid and bicolor cats are common within this breed. Eye colors can include light yellow, pale blue, green, and dark blue.

This breed comes in both longhaired and shorthaired varieties. In either case, the fur is very soft, thick, and luxurious. In the winter, there will be an undercoat as well.

Generally, the fur will remain healthy as the cat grooms herself; however, you should make it a point to groom your cat regularly to help maintain the beauty of the fur while preventing hairballs, especially if you have a longhaired Aphrodite. Plus, because these cats love being pampered, grooming them is a great way to bond with them.

Photo credit: Dante Salomon; Aphrodite Association of America

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