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About Doxiemo

10-19 inches
11-35 lbs
12-15 years
Not applicable
Best Suited For
Singles, active seniors, families with older children, people who live in an apartment
Friendly, lively, alert, spunky, extroverted, loud
Comparable Breeds
Dachshund, American Eskimo Dog
Doxiemo Basics

Sweet and smart, the Doxiemo brings together two popular, albeit very different dog breeds. This popular designer dog breed was created by crossing the fluffy American Eskimo Dog with the charming Dachshund. As a result of this unusual mix, the Doxiemo boasts a lively, friendly personality, moderate activity needs, and an adorable appearance. Of course, as the two parental breeds are not very much alike, especially in terms of appearance, you’ll find that these hybrids have very different looks. Some can look more like Wiener dog mixes, with shorter legs and small stature. Others can be larger and with longer hair, like the Eskie parent.

However, even with all that potential for surprises, there is no room for doubt when it comes to their qualities as companions. Affectionate and good-natured, the Doxiemo makes a great pet for active seniors, families with older children or singles. To boot, their low maintenance needs and compact size will also make them a good choice for the apartment dweller.

As these designer dogs have a friendly, affectionate personality, it makes them great companions, especially for seniors and singles.


Even though hybrids have become wildly popular ever since the first litter of Labradoodles was born in 1989, there is still a lot of mystery about the origin of the designer dogs in general. As mixed breed dogs were considered to be “just” mutts until very recently, a lot of confusion surrounds the term designer dogs. However, there’s nothing enigmatic about them! Hybrids or designer dogs are simply first generation mixes of purebred dogs. Unlike mutts, who can have multiple breeds in their family tree, they usually descend from two breeds only.

As for their origin, most designer dog breeds followed after Labradoodle became popular, which means they were created sometime in the last 20 to 30 years. The Doxiemo is no different- it’s a very recent dog breed that’s most likely been first developed in the United States.


Even though the Doxiemo is a new pooch on the block, its parents have a long history. The Dachshund, also known as Doxie or the Wiener dog, has been a popular pet ever since the 1800s. These tiny dogs started out as badger hunters in Germany, though, and some of that drive and persistence still lives on. Even if only as squirrel chasing or a stubborn streak! The American Eskimo Dog, or the Eskie, got its start in the 19th century America. The breed was created by German immigrants. They used various Nordic breeds to create a farm dog that would watch over his family and property.

The combination of two well-loved dog breeds that have been a popular choice for a pet for centuries speaks volumes about the pedigree of any Doxiemo dog. While, as mixed breed dogs, they can’t be registered with the American Kennel Club for official pedigree papers, it doesn’t change the fact that they have quite an impressive ancestry.


In general, Doxiemo dogs tend to fall into the category of medium-sized dogs with moderate activity levels. This means that their diet needs to be tailored accordingly; providing essential nutrients but not with more calories than they burn. Most pet owners decide on a commercial pet food brand to meet their pet’s dietary needs. For a Doxiemo, any high-quality dry dog food will do the trick. Just make sure it’s suitable for their age (puppy, adult, senior) and size (small or medium), as well as their activity level (moderate). Also, it’s important to follow recommended serving sizes, as obesity is a real health risk for dogs.

While buying kibble reinforced by essential vitamins and with a right balance of nutrients is the easiest and safest way to feed your pet, it’s not the only one. Some Doxiemo owners prefer B.A.R.F. or raw food diet or cooking meals for their dog. These are all valid choices, but only if your veterinarian gives you green light to do it- and detailed instructions on how to meet your pet’s dietary needs.

In general, Doxiemo dogs tend to fall into the category of medium-sized dogs with moderate activity levels.


One of the reasons why Doxiemo can be a great choice for beginners is that they’re highly trainable. Intelligent and driven by the desire to please their owner, these designer dogs won’t have any trouble learning manners or basic commands. Ideally, you should start with the elementary stuff, such as leash training or potty training. After you successfully housebreak your pet, you can move on to teaching them tricks like fetch or play dead. If you make sure to use positive reinforcement methods and coax your pooch with treats, there’s no saying what nifty commands they’ll be willing to learn.

Additionally, it might be smart to start crate training your pet from a young age. Owing to their Eskie genes, these loving doggos can grow too attached to their owners, and develop separation anxiety. For their own good, promote independence and teach them that a crate can be a safe haven for them when they’re home alone.

In some cases, the Doxiemo can inherit the stubbornness of the Dachshund parent. This shouldn’t worry you- it only means you’ll have to be more patient with your new puppy.


In addition to their coat, the size of the Doxiemo is one of the most varying qualities of the breed. The reason for this is that the American Eskimo Dog comes in 3 different sizes- the toy, miniature and the standard. While most Eskie and Dachshund mixes result from toy and miniature variants of the breed, all 3 are possible. This means that your new puppy can grow up to weight anywhere between 11 to 35 pounds when fully grown.

Nevertheless, this still makes a Doxiemo a small to medium-sized dog that does marvelously in an apartment setting.


Easy going and easy to love, the Doxiemo has a beautiful personality. It’s no wonder these designer dogs are sought-after as pets! The combination of the American Eskimo Dog’s happy-go-lucky and extroverted personality with the Doxie’s curious and spunky temperament makes for a truly lovely pooch.

These dogs tend to be friendly and affectionate, and great “communicators”. They’re vocal when they want something and will have no problem trying to nudge you in the direction of the front door or the treat jar if the need be. It goes without saying, then, that these hybrids are real smart cookies!

Unfortunately, due to the famed yappiness of the Wiener Dog and the fact that Eskies are alert watchdogs by nature, the Doxiemo can be quite a barker. Unless trained properly and timely, these dogs can be loud barkers that will rouse the neighbors on a daily basis.

Common Health Problems

Due to poor breeding practices, there’s a belief that purebred dogs have more health issues than mixed breed dogs. Similarly, mutts have a reputation of having fewer genetic conditions and improved resiliency throughout their life. While there is no tangible data to back up the claims that crossing breeds improves their health, a lot of breeders are creating designer dogs in an effort to produce healthier, tougher pooches. In some cases, this seems to work, while in others, the gene lottery doesn’t work in favor of the puppies.

When it comes to the Doxiemo, this is a relatively healthy breed. The Eskie’s genes tend to offset the back issues that the short-legged Wiener Dog often has, whereas the “dilution” of the pure white coat minimizes the potential for tear staining and allergy issues. Still, there are some genetic conditions that these hybrids could inherit. These include hip dysplasia and kneecap dislocation, Addison’s disease or Legg-Calve-Perthes.

Life Expectancy

As a fairly healthy breed with a compact build, the Doxiemo has a good life expectancy. On average, these pooches can live to be 12 to 15 years old- maybe even more with a bit of luck and good care.

Exercise Requirements

Early in their history, both of the parental breeds of the Doxiemo were working dogs. One was a hunting canine, and the other a farm dog, but it all changed with generations of selective breeding. While today these dogs are bred to be companions, some of their liveliness and work drive still remains present in the breed traits, even if only in traces.

As their offspring, the Doxiemo will be a spirited pooch with an active mind, but still well within the limits of a moderately active dog. Anywhere between 30 to 60 minutes of daily exercise will keep them healthy and happy! This includes walks, playtime in the doggy park, or a game of fetch in a securely fenced backyard. It doesn’t matter, honestly- as long as your Doxiemo has got you by their side, they’ll be happy with any type of activity.

Owing to their intelligence and curious nature, these dogs can get bored quickly and become destructive, so it’s important not to neglect to “exercise” their minds as well. Get your pet some puzzle toys that will serve as environmental enrichment and stimulate their active brains in a productive manner.

Joyful and charming, the Dachshund and Eskie mix is the happiest when he’s with his humans.

Recognized Clubs

The American Kennel Club doesn’t recognize any of the designer dogs, as they don’t fit their views on what constitutes an official breed. However, there are plenty of canine clubs and organizations that recognize hybrids and their many qualities. Those of them that recognize the Doxiemo as an official breed include the American Canine Hybrid Club and Dog Registry of America.


All bets are off when it comes to the type of hair your Doxiemo will have. The Dachshund parent could be short-haired, wiry-haired or long-haired, which will have a major impact on the hybrid’s eventual look. This means that these designer dogs could have light, medium-length hair that’s soft to touch, adorable wiry-coat in a variety of shade, or sport longer locks or fluffier fur. In any case, though, your new pet will be a moderate shedder- and fairly easy to groom. Just make sure to brush your dog’s coat daily to prevent matting or tangling. No need for professional grooming salons for that!


The Doxiemo puppies have a world of possibility in front of them. These adorable babies can grow up to be petite like their Doxie mom or dad, or be medium in size like their Eskie parent. Their coats can vary from white or cream to black and tan; and go from medium and wiry to soft and long. Even though there’s a lot of room for variations within this designer dog breed, the overall traits of the Doxiemo are quite uniform. And they’re the reason why everybody falls in love with this hybrid moments after meeting them.

Joyful and charming, the Dachshund and Eskie mix is the happiest when he’s with his humans. They are loving and devoted and will form a close bond with their family. As these designer dogs have a friendly, affectionate personality, it makes them great companions, especially for seniors and singles. If socialized on time, the Doxiemo also makes a good family pet for households for older children.

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