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About Slovenský Kopov

15.5-19.5 inches
33-44 lb
12-14 years
UKC Scenthound
Best Suited For
active singles, active families, house with a yard, experienced dog owners, hunters
intelligent, active, sociable, protective
Comparable Breeds
Magyar Agar, Black and Tan Coonhound
Slovenský Kopov Basics

Also known as the Slovakian hound, the Slovenský Kopov is a medium-sized hunting breed known for his scenting ability. This breed was developed for hunting boar and, while it has no actual connection to the black Forest, it is known as the Black Forest Hound in North America. Though the Slovenský Kopov does well in certain family environments, his primary use is still as a hunting dog. If you are considering him as a family pet, be sure to provide him with plenty of space and exercise.

The Slovenský Kopov is a medium-sized hunting breed known for his scenting ability.


Though the etymology of the Slovenský Kopov’s name is unclear, the breed originated in Slovakia and is thought to have come into existence sometime during the Dark Ages. Still a very rare breed (especially outside his home country), the Slovenský Kopov has a strong hunting drive and an excellent reputation for his ability to trail a scent for hours without the slightest hint of fatigue. The breed was largely unrecognized for many years until, after the Second World War, a breeding program was started that resulted in the first breed standard and stud book. In 1963, the Slovenský Kopov was officially recognized by the FCI and the first breed club was established in 1988.


The Slovenský Kopov was developed from numerous hunting breeds including the Magyar Agar, the Brandlbracke, and the Chart Polski.


As a medium-sized dog, the Slovenský Kopov should be fed a high-quality dry food formulated for adult dogs – if you can find a medium breed formula, that may work as well. Because this breed was developed specifically for hunting, however, he may do well on an active or working breed formula. Just keep an eye on your Slovenský Kopov’s weight and body composition to ensure that he doesn’t gain too much weight.

The Slovenský Kopov is a very intelligent breed which makes him relatively easy to train.


Like most hounds, the Slovenský Kopov is a very intelligent breed which makes him relatively easy to train. You should also keep in mind, however, that like many hound breeds these dogs can also be somewhat independent or willful at times. This breed is not inherently aggressive, but he can be suspicious around strangers and hostile around non-canine pets, so he needs plenty of socialization and early training. You’ll need to exhibit a firm and consistent hand in training in order to keep this breed’s impulses under control.


The Slovenský Kopov is a medium-sized dog, standing between 15.5 to 19.5 inches tall and weighing 44 to 55 pounds at maturity.


As is true for many hound breeds, the Slovenský Kopov can be somewhat independent by nature but they are also very intelligent and easy to train. This breed was developed specifically for hunting so it doesn’t always do well as a family pet unless his needs for physical and mental exercise are met. In general, however, the Slovenský Kopov is a sociable breed that does well with children and he can be a good guardian and attentive watcher for the family. Keep in mind, however, that he may not get along well with non-canine pets and he can be somewhat suspicious of strangers. As a hound, this breed is also prone to barking and howling so you’ll need to train him to stop barking on command.

Common Health Problems

The Slovenský Kopov is a fairly healthy breed in general, though there is little information available about congenital health problems for the breed. Some of the health problems to which the breed may be prone include hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, and eye problems. This breed is also prone to injuries in the field as well as ear infections due to their flop ears.

Life Expectancy

The average lifespan for the Slovenský Kopov is thought to be about 12 to 14 years which is about average for a breed of its size. Feeding your dog a healthy, high-quality diet will help to maximize his lifespan.

Exercise Requirements

As a hunting breed, the Slovenský Kopov is highly active. This breed requires at least one hour of moderate to vigorous exercise per day and will also appreciate having a fenced yard in which to run. These dogs also need a fair bit of mental stimulation as well to keep their minds sharp.

The Slovenský Kopov is a sociable breed that does well with children.


The Slovenský Kopov is not currently recognized by the AKC but he is recognized by the FCI and the UKC. The FCI classifies him in Group 6 as a Scenthound and the UKC as a Scenthound as well.


The Slovenský Kopov has the typical hound coat – it is short and smooth with a shiny finish. The coat only needs to be brushed once or twice a week because it does not shed heavily, though the dog may need to be bathed more often than other breeds due to its hunting activity. You should also pay close attention to the ears since they are prone to infection.


The average litter size for the Slovenský Kopov is about six puppies, though the breed is fairly rare so it is difficult to find this information. Because this is a hunting breed, puppies need to be started with training early to establish discipline. Early socialization is also essential due to their tendency to be wary around strangers and hostile around non-canine animals.

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