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Our dog blog keeps you in the know about the coolest dog supplies, events, dog shows and breaking dog news. PetGuide.com’s dog blog keeps you in the know about the coolest dog supplies, events, dog shows and breaking dog news. In fact, if you missed your local pet expo/extravaganza (again) and you just know your little guy would have loved all those yummy sample treats and fun contests, don’t feel guilty… feel determined to stay on top of all future opportunities for you and your pooch to spend some quality time together by using PetGuide.com’s Dog Blog to help build your social calendar!

Read up on the latest news and events taking place near you and then just mark the dates to make sure you and your pup are always ahead of the pack when it comes to getting tickets. Or perhaps you’re feeling like one lucky dog – PetGuide has loads of great contests and competitions where you can enter to win super cool prizes that are sure to turn your good boy into top dog of the neighborhood.  And because we love newshounds and those who can’t start the day without reading all about it, we’ve fetched the top stories from around the canine world – from new laws to celebrity pets to adoption drives and more, our dog blog keeps you in the know.

Think you’re an alpha when it comes to having all the latest gadgets? Then you’re going to love the fun and quirky stuff you can pick up through the many kickstarter campaigns we feature to help promote unique, entrepreneurial ingenuity when it comes to pleasing our pets. We even have stuff for those who love to settle in for a heart-warming reading with our many canine-interest stories on the good deeds done by therapy, service plus search and rescue dogs throughout the world.

PetGuide.com’s dog blog is always being updated with pet pictures, videos and great information so check back often!

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