Cool Dog Stuff is on a mission to report on all the Cool Dog Stuff you need to know about.There is so much Cool Dog Stuff out there. How do you know what’s right for your dog? No problem! is on a mission to report on all the Cool Dog Stuff you need to know about. We track down the hippest and funkiest stuff that your dog (and you) will love.

We know that cool dogs dig so much more than just holes in the garden, am I right? They dig the latest, trendiest accessories, gear, and technology out there as well as the hottest-off-the-press stories about everything epic in the world of dogs. From a drone that may one day be his walking companion (but do they scoop the poop?) to smart trackers that ensure he comes home safe, we offer top picks for interactive toys and even apps that let you dispense a treat to your good boy when you’re not home. There’s also awesome swag for people who adore their dogs – you’ll be the first in your neighborhood to know what’s hip and happening in the world of cool pet parents. also covers some cool dog stuff that’s in the news. Pooches and their people are doing neat things around the world, and these stories may not make it into your local paper. They can be inspiring, cute, or unbelievable, but the one thing these stories have in common is that they’re all pretty cool. There’s also interesting information you’d never even think of doing for your dog!

We know that as chief pooper-scooper the responsibility of staying on top of all this good stuff can be daunting and that’s why PetGuide delivers an always up-to-date run-down on what’s hot and what’s so-yesterday in the world of Cool Dog Stuff for the pooch of pedigree, of non-pedigree and of course his eager-to-please pet parent.