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For pet parent noobs or pros, our General Dog Information section is a great place to start!Whether you’re a rookie pet parent looking for tips and advice on how to transition a new pup into your family or a seasoned dog owner who knows the ropes but likes to keep up on current canine events, PetGuide’s General Dog Information site is a great place to start!

From why your pooch loves to shimmy in the grass to what it means when he tilts his head whenever you talk to him, we offer up the answers. In fact, because everyone at PetGuide is also a pet owner, you can believe that we’ve asked and answered many of the questions you’ve always wondered about. Such as why dogs sniff one another’s butts (there is a reason for that), why it’s important to be diligent about our scoop the poop habits and even why adding two littermates to the household can spark a sibling rivalry that will have you battening down the hatches!

We take a comical look at some of those ugh moments like our Adventures in Dog sitting series, we mourn alongside you and offer touching tips on how to honor your pet’s memory and we share uplifting stories that restore your faith in human nature. Want to understand the Pit Bull debate a little more? We offer up some insights into this often misunderstood breed.

For new dog owners you’ll want to check out our Gen Y Dogma articles for relatable reads on how a new dog can change friendships, relationships, budgets and even force you to have the “big” discussion with your partner. No, not marriage or babies, but who gets the pup if things go south.

Yes, this potpourri of articles, posts and newsworthy tidbits cover all your doggie questions and more. PetGuide updates our General Dog Information section regularly, so be sure to check back often!

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