Dog Non-Profit

At we are dedicated to lending a helping hand to Dog Non-Profit organizations throughout the world. We know you love your pet and we know it’s important to you that all furry critters get to fall asleep in a warm bed, with a full tummy and their favorite person close by. That’s why we created the Dog Non-Profit section; to deliver the stories of those organizations who share your passion for pets.

Let’s face it, in this world volunteers rule and charitable donations can be all that stand between a healthy, happy pooch and one that is alone and hungry. We give back by sharing their stories, their campaigns and the many initiatives that regularly take place throughout the world to raise awareness and funds to help animals in need.

Is there a particular cause that speaks to you? Maybe it’s the rescue shelters that head in to disaster areas to save stranded animals. Or those organizations that do their bit to curb the feral cat population with a Trap-Neuter-Release (TNR) program. Do you just love to read about how rescued pooches are rehabilitated to do bigger and better things – such as search and rescue or become a therapy dog? We have you covered.

From celebrity driven adoption campaigns to the individual efforts of good folk like you who just want to help animals in need;  our stories will warm your heart.

We also offer you the opportunity to roll up your sleeves and do your bit. If adoption isn’t in the cards, how about a donation to one of the many worthy featured shelters, or purchase a product from an organization that pays it forward through financial or in-kind donations or simply take a moment to spread the word. Your chance to help is just a click away.