Dog Pictures

Nothing cheers you up or warms your heart like lovable Dog Pictures.Nothing cheers you up or warms your heart like lovable Dog Pictures. They can be cute, funny, heart-warming or inspiring.

I mean be honest, your smartphone’s memory has been consumed by photos of your pet… am I right? PetGuide gets it and that’s why we devote an entire section of our website to pet pix. Whether its candid moments captured forever by our readers or those pulled off media sites from around the world, we share the “best of” and more. Ever see a dog with a mug only a mother could love? Check out some of the canine contortions captured by the pros and shared by us as pooches prepare to catch a treat, dive underwater or become the unwitting subject of an Instagram post.

Is that a pattern I see? Then it’s time to make a list! We pull together some of the top shots that share a theme and bring them all together photo-album style. Want to see the top 10 pix of dogs loving the fall leaves? How about pooches wearing silly costumes, having a nap, enjoying their baths or even taking a “selfie”? We have those and more.

We understand that dog pictures tell a story that goes beyond words and PetGuide is proud to share the images taken by professional photographers who are clearly animal intuitive. From a breathtaking study on the beauty of older dogs to pooches jumping to great heights in absolute glee to fun thug pug portraits and even those extra special wedding pictures; we love an opportunity to showcase our pets at their photographic best.

And because we know our readers just love to snap and share, we’re always running cool contests where you can win great stuff and get your pooch’s picture published! So be sure to check back often!