Dog Top 10

PetGuide.com is counting down the Dog Top 10.Decisions, decisions! Trying to find the best pooch for your family? What about a great hunting dog or one that enjoys boating and swimming as much as you do! Ever wonder what the top travel or camping essentials are – before you head out with Rover in tow? We take the guesswork out of pooch purchases and purchases for pooches with our Dog Top 10 lists.

We give you the low-down on some pretty top-tier dogs that include not only AKC favorites but everything from miniature to extra-large dogs as well as pooches that are great for kids, for seniors, for the cat or for apartment living. If he exists, he’s on our Dog Top 10 list!

But that’s not all, we also dig deep to dish the dirt on top doggie essentials. We scour the internet to find the best of the best for inclusion on our lists (and sometimes the best of the worst!). Whether its breed-themed baubles for you, super cool sportswear for your little guy or weird and one-of-a-kind products we deem to be essential to any pet parent’s closet. We have it all!

Are you a Betty Crocker type? Then you’ll love our Dog Top 10 recipes for dog treats, summer refreshers and even spices you never knew your pooch would love.

Yes, we love to share and of course that includes coming up with the top gifts for you, for your pooch and for your pooch-lovin’ friends and family. Hey, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, your birthday… one of those days is always just around the corner, am I right?

Want a good chuckle? Settle in and check out our lists of the top Halloween costumes, dog bow-times, clip jobs or our best/worst Christmas sweater list!

PetGuide’s Top 10 lists grow constantly so be sure to come back soon!

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