Dog Videos

Dogs can do the most astonishing things, so it's a good thing we can capture all of them to watch over again on our Dog Videos section.Dogs can do the most astonishing things, so how great is it that we can capture it all on video and watch it over and over again in our Dog Videos section.

I mean let’s face it, if a picture’s worth a thousand words, what’s a video worth? For many of us even the best story – be it news, fiction, entertainment or human interest –doesn’t cut it unless there is an audio-video component attached to it. That’s why PetGuide includes the best of the best dog videos every chance we get.

From movie trailers, to dramatic search and rescue and even just those goofy clips of goofy pooches doing typical goofy dog stuff – you can be sure that if it’s fit to share, it will find it’s forever home in our extensive collection of dog videos.

Want to see almost 600 peppy little border collies gathering in one place for a Guinness Book of World Records photo shoot? Only a video lets you watch them all wagging their tails! How about a pooch that air cycles, another that pulls off an extraordinary rescue or one of those tear-jerking reunions where the pooch goes crazy and the owner cries and… well you get the picture (but isn’t it so much better on video!)

Ever thought you’d like to make dog treats for your little guy? Hands up those who think watching simple instructions via video is more fun than just working from a list of ingredients. Me too! From funny commercials to toy testing to those hilariously unscripted cameos where Rover shows up in the most unexpected situations and is captured forever on film…we’ve got it all.

And because dogs will always do brave and silly and heart-wrenching stuff, we’re always adding to our roster of canine clips, so check back often.