Dog Grooming

Thanks to the tips, recommendations, and information found on's Dog Grooming section, your dog will always look his best.Dog, you’re looking sharp! Thanks to the tips, recommendations, and information found on’s Dog Grooming section, your dog will always look his best.

Whether he’s an ultra-heavy shedder with fur that flies around your baseboards like tumbleweed through a desert, or a super low maintenance kind of pooch that is practically self-cleaning, mark my words: the day will come when you need to deal with one dirty little dog. We can help!

Wondering if human shampoo works as well as doggie shampoo? Check out our tips for buying (or making) the right shampoo for your breed of dog – including for those pups that suffer from skin allergies. If you’re not sure how to brush or hand-strip his fur to keep him looking his very best, we offer advice on how to tackle everything from long-haired dogs to wiry, to curly and everything in between. You’ll learn why it’s important to get your dog used to being brushed and groomed from the time he is a young pup as well as how to clean his ears, carefully trim his nails and even brush his teeth without totally destroying your relationship.

What is that funky smell? We’ll talk you through how to safely neutralize and deodorize your little guy for a fresher, sweeter smelling pup. We even address those more sensitive topics such as how to clean the face folds of a wrinkly dog and the tail pockets found in certain breeds (read up to find out which ones!)

And of course PetGuide’s dog grooming site wouldn’t be complete if we weren’t sharing the latest grooming gadgets from leading pet expos across the country.

So roll up your sleeves, grab a supply of his favorite goodies and prepare to treat your pooch to a day of pampering at his very own home spa.

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