For everything you need to know about puppies, be sure to read all of our informative articles.Squee! Everyone loves puppies! What’s not to love? They’re cute, cuddly, inquisitive and full of love. For everything you need to know about puppies, be sure to read all of our informative articles.

Welcoming a furry bundle of joy into your family can be easy with our comprehensive guides. Before your lovely four-legged baby arrives, make sure to arrange everything they’ll need to feel safe and comfortable in their new surroundings. Our articles on preparing your home for a new puppy and thorough checklists of essential puppy supplies will help you get ready for a new addition to your family in no time. After you go through these initial steps of the process, it’s time to teach your pooch some manners! Check out Petguide.com’s helpful guides and articles on how to train little pups, help your shoes survive the teething stage and how to successfully puppy-proof your home. Trust us, you’ll need all the help you can get!

For a puppy, everything is a brand new experience that takes some getting used to. Petguide.com’s articles cover everything from how to handle their first visit to the vet’s office to being pawesome on their first ever playdate.

Of course, puppies are not the only ones who find themselves in a new situation. New puppy parents, especially first-timers, might find that bringing up a puppy requires a lot of work. Our guides help you understand what to expect with your new pup, whether it’s how to train them or simply take good care of them.

And if you’re still looking to get a puppy, we can help with that too- check out our guides on choosing the right dog breed for your family or hop on over to our Dog Rescue and Dog Shelter sections, where you can find some seriously cute doggies in need of a forever home!

Why do Puppies Cry and Whine?

They’re oh-so-cute, but what’s that noise and why are they making it? Let’s find out the reasons why your puppy is ...