Shelter Spotlight: Bow Wow Buddies Foundation for Sick and Injured Dog

Accidents happen. But what if you can't afford the vet bill? Bow Wow Buddies Foundation helps pet parents and dogs get back on the road to a happy life.

Shelter Spotlight: Dharma Rescue

What a brilliant idea! Dharma Rescue saves dogs from overcrowded shelters and trains them for a new life working as therapy animals.

A Dog is Adopted After 7 Years in Shelter After An Emotional Discovery

The staff at Bloomsburg Animal Resource Center have titled this “an extremely special adoption”, and advised readers that “they might want to grab a tissue real quick for this one”.

Shelter Spotlight: Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue

You can say that this shelter has balls! We love the Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue motto: "Saving badass dogs from idiot humans."

#WhyILeft: Because Pets Are Now Allowed In More Women’s Shelters

Women may choose to stay in an abusive relationship because they don’t want to leave their dog behind. The good news is an increasing number of women&r…

Cool Ideas For Dog Adoption Events

Looking for innovative ideas to get people out to your next pet adoption event? Find forever homes for pets with outside-of-the-box ideas like these ones.

Shelter Spotlight: Save Our Scruff

Canadian dogs need love too, eh! Save Our Scruff, a Toronto-based rescue organization, is dedicated to helping homeless pooches find a permanent home.

Washington Animal Shelter Sets a Historic Record for Most Pets Adopted

Ever since the shelter has been in existence, they have never seen such a huge number of adoptions – the record was officially broken when all of their 287 shelter pets were adopted in just one week!