Dog Food Recall

For the latest Dog Food Recall notices, brings you all the info you need to know. For the latest Dog Food Recall notices, brings you all the info you need to know. Whether its contamination, mold issues or voluntary recalls, we keep on top of all the big and small dog food and treat brands. Keep your pets safe by staying up to date on recent dog food recall announcements.

We all want only the best for our pets. But, even when you spend a lot of money on dog food from a trusted brand, it’s not an absolute guarantee of safety. Even though high-quality and premium brands are less likely to let a contaminated batch of food or a harmful substance slip by their strict controls, mistakes happen. Unfortunately, mistakes like these can cost your pet their health.

You might wonder what is the reason that dog food gets recalled at the first place. Sometimes, the reason can be harmless–like a mistake in labeling. But, in some cases, the reasons for dog food recalls are far more sinister. There have been numerous cases where dogs have died or gotten seriously sick because of a harmful substance found in their food, including different bacteria, pathogens or even phenobarbital (commonly known as the euthanasia drug). Some brands even had to recall their products because of broken pieces of equipment that ended up injuring pets. Avoiding devastating situations like this is why following pet food industry news is a must for any dog owner.

You don’t need to wonder if you’re unknowingly feeding your pooch something that might harm them. keeps you in the loop with news on Dog Food Recall and helps you find out instantly if your pooch’s favorite food has been recalled. It makes no difference if a company recalls a line of products by themselves or the FDA steps in–we have all the latest information in one place.