Aquatic Plants

Aquatic plants serve not only as decoration but help keep your fish healthy. Nothing looks quite as pretty as a bit of greenery! The same goes for fish tanks, where Aquatic plants serve not only as decoration but help keep your fish healthy. has everything you need to know about creating a beautiful fish tank with plants, from selecting the right flora, keeping the plants healthy and thriving, to some useful aquascaping tips!

Aquatic plants provide fish a place to hide in and explore, help you create a miniature version of their own natural ecosystem and improve water quality. Looking for low-maintenance varieties for your planted tanks? Take a look at our guides on choosing the fastest growing and the most undemanding greenery, or our guide on aquarium plants ideal for beginners. Not sure how to keep your planted tank healthy and flourishing? We have various guides on substrates, ideal growing conditions, choosing the plants in accordance with water type and solving common problems with aquarium plants.

For those of you who are looking for some fresh ideas and inspiration on designing a creative, attractive planted tank, look no further.’s blog section on Aquatic plants has numerous suggestions for decorating fish tanks. Explore different aquascaping options, ranging from creating a natural décor scheme and experimenting with different plants, to setting up the perfect lighting for your new tank. And if you’re up for something new and interesting, make sure to take a look at our articles on Riverbank Aquariums and growing carnivorous plants in a fish tank.

Make your fish’s home look like a piece of art. An exquisitely designed planted tank can be a centerpiece in your home, as well as provide many benefits to its tenants. Check for help on everything concerning the lush flora of aquariums, whether its how to successfully choose, maintain or arrange various underwater plants!