Coral Reefing

Coral Reefing allows you to transform a regular aquarium into a lush ecosystem, and we'll help you learn how to make your own.Enjoy the mysterious beauty of the ocean depths right out of your living room! Coral Reefing allows you to transform a regular aquarium into a thriving, lush ecosystem, and our guides help you learn how to successfully make your own. In’s guides and articles, you will find all the information on starting and maintain a reef tank.

Growing a live coral in your tank does not have to be hard. Check out our various how-to articles for some valuable insight on planting and propagating corals as well as maintain them healthy. We have all the scoop- whether it’s on how to choose the right species for your reef tank or which feeding techniques ensure your coral stays in optimal shape.

Always loved the idea of a reef tank, but worried about space? Check out our guide on setting up a nano reef tank that is suitable for small rooms and apartments. Not sure which type of coral would flourish in your saltwater tank? We have guides on choosing between soft and hard coral or picking out the best coral for your specific tank lighting. Make sure to take a look at our advice on choosing the best species of fish for reef tanks as well!

Introduce unique creatures into your saltwater tank with Coral Reefing. If you decide on growing coral, you can be sure that your aquarium will look stunning and that the fish will be thankful for their new surroundings.  Even though maintaining a reef tank can be challenging at times, with’s many guides, the process can be a lot easier.

Our Coral Reefing blog section can be useful to hobbyist and aquarium pros alike. At, our experts will provide you with all the essential information needed to successfully set up, keep and decorate a thriving saltwater tank!