7 Tips For Staying In Hotels With Your Dog

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Hotels that accept pets are becoming more and more common, making it easier than ever to take your pet with you when you travel. Whether you are settling in for a single night or staying for a whole week, sharing a hotel room with your dog can sometimes be a challenge. If your dog is a nervous traveler, he may be uncomfortable in an unfamiliar environment. There are, however, a few simple things you can do to make your stay more pleasant for you and your pooch, not to mention the other hotel guests.

1. Request a Ground-Floor Room

Having a ground-floor room will be very convenient if you need to make a late-night run to let your dog out. Some dogs also get nervous around stairs or elevators, so having a ground-floor room will be more comfortable for the both of you. You also have to think about all the extras you need to carry with you for your dog – it will be easier to simply walk into a ground-floor room than to drag everything up a few flights of stairs.

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2. Check in and Check Things Out

When you check in to the hotel, take a minute to check things out. Look around for the nearest grassy area where you can walk your dog. More urban hotels may not have much to offer in the way of green space so taking the time to look before you need it will be helpful.

3. Understand that Your Dog Might be Anxious

Some dogs are laidback enough that they can just roll with the punches, but other dogs may be nervous in unfamiliar territory. Traveling can be stressful so do not be surprised if your dog acts a little differently at a hotel than he normally would at home. Try not to get angry with your dog if he has trouble adjusting – understand that he might be frightened and do what you can to comfort him.

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4. Create a Comfortable Space

To help your dog settle in to a hotel room you may want to bring some familiar things from home. A blanket from your bed or one of your dog’s favorite toys could go a long way to making your dog feel more at-home. You may even want to bring your dog’s crate or carrier with you if you are worried about him having an accident in the room while you are away. In some cases, your dog may be more comfortable in the carrier anyway.

5. Pay Attention to Rules Safety Precautions

Before you pick a hotel, make sure you read the pet policy thoroughly. Some hotels only allow dogs up to a certain size and many charge non-refundable pet fees. Make sure you follow all the rules and restrictions for your dog’s safety and to avoid racking up a hefty fee.

6. Leave Your Number with the Front Desk

If you have to leave your pet alone in the room it is always a good idea to leave your cell phone number with the front desk. That way, if your dog gets nervous and starts barking or whining, the hotel can call you before it becomes a problem for other guests.

7. Mind Your Mess

The number one rule for bringing your pet to a hotel is to clean up after your pet. If you use the green space outside to let your dog relieve himself, make sure you carry a poop bag with you. If your dog damages something in the room, inform the front desk immediately to resolve the issue and pay the repair or replacement fee.

Traveling with your pet can sometimes be a challenge but, if you make the proper preparations, it can be a comfortable and enjoyable experience for the both of you.