Palliative Pet Care Aiming to Serve Emerging Market

Because pets are family members, palliative pet care steps in to give beloved them sympathetic and empathetic end of life care, as well as peace of mind to the pet parent.

In many households, the family pet is recognized as part of the family – not just a cat or dog. There comes a time when difficult decisions need to be made for the interest of the furry family member, especially if they are suffering day by day with the effects of old age and sickness. While palliative care is often offered on most pet insurance plans, the policy details often get buried in the small print. Yet this type of care is exactly what policyholders and pet parents need to help them in their journey at a sensitive time in their lives.

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According to YouGov research, about 69 percent of pet owners view their pets as family members and just as important to the family as human members. US data suggests that pet insurance is deemed as an emotional purchase rather than a rational one, as pet parents often want to find the best care available for their beloved pet. While euthanasia is often the go-to choice to free your pet of suffering, the increased recognition of palliative care and the significant benefits provided could be a game changer when a potential new pet enters the pet parent’s life.

When to choose care for your pet is an extremely personal decision. Switching from curative to palliative care can be an emotional time for pet owners, yet they will find peace and comfort at the rewards the animal will receive when they reach the end of life. Palliative care is often covered by many policy providers and will soon become more available with the emerging new market of pet family members, taking care of symptomatic needs such as pain, lack of mobility, or poor circulation and respiratory distress.

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Although the focus is set on treating the pet patient, the focus equally treats the humans in the family during their difficult time. With families struggling to cope with the loss of an animal and the turbulent emotions brought on by grief, insurers with palliative pet care aim to improve the quality of life for pets and make the end of life decisions a little easier.

Cynthia Haldeman
Cynthia Haldeman

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