Vermont Tennis Resort Offers Dog-Friendly, Ball-Chasing Getaways

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
Topnotch Resorts has taken their pet-friendly ambiance to the next level by letting your dog serve as a ball boy during tennis matches.

As more people welcome dogs and other pets into their homes as an addition to their family, places like grocery stores, restaurants and other places have changed their rules to allow patrons to bring their furry child in tow.

When it comes to traveling, most hotels and resorts still have a strict “No Pets Allowed” policy, which turns pet parents off since they can’t bring their four-legged friend. Fortunately, places like Topnotch Resort not only welcomes their guests along with their pooches with open arms, but has plenty of services that will keep both of you happily entertained.

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Topnotch Resort is luxurious getaway located in Stowe, Vermont. They boast fine dining experiences, relaxing spa services and plenty of activities in between. From May through September, Topnotch offers pet parent to take part in its “Serve, Fetch, Love” program. This fetching program provides guests with private tennis lessons while your dog serves as the ball boy. After running the court, your pup can cool down with a special spa treatment created especially for them.

The only catch? You’ll have to spend a minimum of two nights at the hotel which, after seeing photos of their lovely property, is definitely not hard! You and your dog can partake in private lessons (taught by an official Adidas partner) at one of six outdoor or four indoor courts.

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At the end of your stay, your dog will check out with a take-home tote bag complete with dog cookies and, of course, tennis balls!

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Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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