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Angela Vuckovic

A proud mama to seven dogs and ten cats, Angela spends her days writing for her fellow pet parents and pampering her furballs, all of whom are rescues. When she's not gushing over...
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Best Car Door Covers

Traveling with your pooch in the back seat can be a lot of fun – but it can also ruin your car. Not only that dogs can be messy, but they can also scratch your car’s interior and leave permanent damage, especially if they like looking out the window and prop themselves up against the car’s interior door. However, there’s a way to enjoy driving with your dog in tow without worrying your car’s interior will pay the price for it – car door covers for dogs.While car seat covers do wonders to protect the seats of your vehicle from pet hair, drool, stains and dirt, car door covers are a perfect accompaniment that will prevent scratches and damage to the interior doors. We’ve rounded up the best car door covers for pet owners that want to keep their vehicles pristine – read on to find a perfect match!

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Best Calming Chews for Dogs

For some dogs, something as simple as a car ride or a visit to the grooming salon can trigger a full-blown panic attack – not to mention genuinely stressful situations for most pets, such as vet visits and loud fireworks or thunder. Keeping your pet calm in such situations can be a challenge, particularly if they are generally timid or frightful, but with the right calming chews at your disposal, you could help put them at ease in stressful moments and even help balance their emotions and behavior on a daily basis.Of course, not all calming chews are the same – some are more potent than others, some have a faster time of working, and some are designed for daily use while others are meant to be given for situational anxiety only. To help you find the right match for your pet’s needs, we’ve rounded up the best calming chews for dogs on the market right now.

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Best Dog Cake Mix

You don’t have to be a baking whiz to whip up some homemade yumminess to treat your pooch! Whether it’s your pet’s birthday and you’re looking to make them a special cake to enjoy without breaking the bank, or you want to treat your pet to a yummy delicacy without worrying about artificial ingredients, dog cake mix is the way to go.Easy to use and yielding mouth-watering results, dog cake mix usually takes minutes to prepare. Simply mix the dry powdered ingredients per instructions – sometimes with water, other times with water, and oil or eggs – and bake or microwave for the required amount of time. Let cool, top with icing if provided, or decorate with your pet’s treat or a dollop of PB and you’re all set. A cake that will have your doggo wagging your tail without breaking a sweat!We’ve handpicked the best dog cake mix options on the market, with recipe variations to suit any dog’s taste preferences – and any pet parent’s cooking skill. All of these are super easy to make, prepared with healthy, natural ingredients, and most importantly, tend to be an instant hit with our four-legged besties. All you have to do is scroll on and choose one!

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Best Pill Pockets for Dogs

Most – if not all – pet owners dread the task of administering medicine to their dogs. Trying to get your pooch to swallow a pill can be quite a challenge, especially if they are picky or too smart for their own good. That’s where pill pockets for dogs come in – these are essentially treats for dogs that are either soft and malleable so they can be wrapped around the pill or designed with a hollow center where you can hide the tablet in. Either way, their role is to completely conceal the pills, masking their taste and scent and making it easy for you to trick your pooch into taking their meds.However, not all pill pockets for dogs do the trick – what might be just fine for one dog might not work for your pet. To help you find the right treat to entice your pet with, we’ve selected the 10 best pill pockets for dogs on the market. Regardless of whether your pet goes bananas for peanut butter, prefers crunchy treats, or has a world-class nose that sniffs out the faintest whiff of pills – we’ve found a pill pocket to suit your needs.

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Best Pet Subscription Boxes

We all love to pamper our four-legged best friends, and pet subscription boxes give us the opportunity to do just that – and enjoy the element of surprise at the same time. You can subscribe to get monthly goodie boxes, seasonal goodie boxes, or bi-monthly, according to your preferences and budget, and your pooch or kitty gets to enjoy new toys, treats, and other fun gifts someone carefully curated for them.There are plenty of pet subscription boxes out there, but we’ve rounded up the best that the market has to offer: whether you want a variety of treats, fun toys, or a combo of the two delivered like clockwork on your doorstep, read on to find a perfect match.