Adoptable Dog of the Week- Ringo

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Can’t decide between a four-legged good boy and a goofball? Get you a dog that can do both! Our Adoptable Dog of the Week is the adorable Ringo, a 6 year old Boston Terrier and Chihuahua mix from Paris, Maine. This quirky little fella is neutered, up to date on all of his vaccines and dewormed. He is housetrained and gets along well with other dogs.

Ringo is a textbook charmer- I mean, just look at his fabulous smile! When he first came to the shelter, he was a bit distrustful of men and had some stipulations about what he likes and dislikes, but love and hard work changed all that. Now, Ringo is a happy pooch that loves everyone!

If you are an adventurer and lead an active lifestyle, you’ll find an ideal furry companion in Ringo. This fun-loving boy is all about doing cool stuff with his humans! He absolutely adores water and doesn’t miss a chance to take a swim, whether it’s in a lake or a kiddie pool. As you might have noticed from his photos, he is also very fond of the hose.

Playing fetch is one of Ringo’s favorite activities and he is insanely good at it. Noticing how smart and motivated Ringo is when it comes to playtime, his caretakers started him over some jumps and he’s shown real talent. It would be perfect if his new adopter is interested in agility– as Ringo could really shine in these canine competitions.

This cute pooch also has a very sweet nature, and he gets along well with other dogs, especially if they are playful like him. Unfortunately, that affection doesn’t extend to feline friends- so it’s best if he goes into a cat-free home.

In case you are missing an energetic, sweet furry bestie in your life, make sure to contact Responsible Pet Care of Oxford Hills for more information on Ringo. Who knows, you might be just what this little guy needs!