October Is Adopt-A-Dog Month At The American Humane Society

Christina Peden
by Christina Peden
This month, help the American Humane Society give some precious pooches the forever homes they deserve

Did you know there are 3 to 4 million animals waiting to be adopted from shelters at any given time? The numbers are pretty staggering, and we can all agree that each and every one of those shelter animals deserves a loving home with pet parents who adore them.

If you’re looking to adopt a dog, making a shelter your first stop is one of the best things you can do. With so many pets just waiting for a home, you’re sure to find one who will be a perfect fit for you or your family.

What are you waiting for?

In honor of Adopt-A-Dog Month, the American Humane Society is providing a number of ways you can participate, even if you’re already the proud parent of a rescue dog.

  1. Check out the AHA’s Virtual Adoption Center for information about dog adoption, behavior and care. There’s also a handy Petfinder.com search tool so you can find pooches in your area. Then, go visit the shelter and adopt a dog!

  1. If you’re looking for a particular breed of dog that you can’t track down at a shelter, be sure to look up breed-specific rescue groups. There are rescue groups for pretty much every breed from Chihuahuas to Pitbulls, and they’re all waiting for their happy ending.

  1. Work at a shelter? The AHA also has posters you can print out and banners to put up on your website to raise awareness about Adopt-A-Dog Month.

  1. Spay or neuter your dog. This will lead to fewer cases of unexpected puppies, which will also lead to fewer dogs ending up in shelters. Spaying and neutering has also been shown to help animals lead longer, healthier lives and have fewer behavioral problems than animals that haven’t been fixed.

  1. ID your pet. Make sure your dog is outfitted with ID tags, a microchip or both in the event that they get lost. If your pet does get lost, this will make it easy for a shelter to identify your pooch and get them quickly and safely returned to you. Right now, only 15 to 20 percent of dogs who end up at a shelter are reunited with their owners. Proper identification will make your dog one of the lucky ones.

  1. Support your local shelter. Even if you already have a dog or can’t adopt a rescue right now, you can donate time, money or supplies like food, toys, beds and leashes. Every shelter is different, so get in touch with yours to see what they need most. Every little bit helps!

Well, we’re in. What about you — how do you plan to celebrate Adopt-A-Dog Month this year?

Christina Peden
Christina Peden

Christina Peden is a lifelong animal lover and avid wordsmith. She lives in Toronto with her boyfriend Ryan where they are proud pet parents to puppy, Matilda and cat, Oscar. In her spare time, she can be found enjoying Toronto, Canada's all-too-short patio season, taking advantage of the city's numerous parks or curled up with a good book.

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