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All pet owners know very well the importance of proper hygiene. From your house to your dog’s nook, all the way to your pet – keeping everything clean and tidy is very important. Not only that neglecting hygiene can lead to messes and odors, but it can also endanger your pet’s health – and your own, too. Luckily, making sure that everything (your pooch included) is clean and mess-free doesn’t have to be difficult. Regular baths for your pupper, washing their toys and other accessories and keeping your home clean, are just some of the basic elements of good home hygiene. In addition to the regular cleaning stuff most pet pawrents swear by, such as enzymatic cleaners or pet hair vacuums, you’ll have to arm yourself with dog safe hygienic products. This includes the right kind of dog shampoo, dog ear cleaners, grooming products- and dog wipes!

Yup, dog wipes are one of the most convenient hygienic products on the market and can be a lifesaver when times are hectic and you are really short on time. If you have a busy schedule during the week and the work is really getting the best of you, you simply will not have enough time to give your dog a bath – and that is all understandable. Fortunately, there is a solution for those situations. Dog wipes can extend the time between baths and bridge that gap during a busy week. With a quick wipe that takes only a few minutes a day, you can make sure that your dog doesn’t smell or has caked dirt on his hair.

Similarly, they are great for when you are traveling or hiking with your pet. Many pet pawrents love nothing more than going on adventures with their four-legged besties in tow, but hygiene can be an issue when you are far from home. In the outdoors, a dog tends to get mud, dirt, and all kinds of nastiness on his coat- sometimes it seems like it’s their life mission to be as messy as can be. And, as you probably don’t want to share a ride back home with a stinky pooch that will make a pigsty out of your car, wet wipes for dogs come to the rescue. 

Another great use of dog wipes is paw wiping. When your pupper spends some time outside, it is inevitable that they will bring some dirt in. Nasty muddy paw prints, wet traces, or just an accumulation of dust, this dirt is a big nuisance for dog owners. Fix this by simply wiping your pet’s paws with your wipes before they enter the home. It is a quick and easy solution to a persistent problem!

Needless to say, dog wipes have plenty of benefits – add that to the fact that they’re inexpensive and fit most bags, what’s not to love? To help you find the right choice for your dog’s needs, we’ve rounded the best dog wipes on the market- and a short guide on how to make most out of them. 

These hypoallergenic grooming wipes are a great example of the quality this pet brand is known for. Earth-friendly and hygienic, these wipes are free of parabens, alcohol, chlorine, and harsh chemicals. On the other hand, they contain Aloe Vera, Hawaiian Awapuhi, and Vitamin E all of which will help condition the skin and alleviate hot spots. The wipes are made from bamboo fiber, making this product bio-friendly and sustainable. They come in four different packings, from a regular 100-wipe pack, all the way up to 400-wipe travel pack. Plus, the individual wipes are large enough to efficiently clean a big dog – another bonus.

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These basic deodorizing Nature’s Miracle wipes are a great choice for basic everyday use. With their own unique “Spring Waters” scent, they will give your pet a lovely and fragrant scent. They are also alcohol-free, making them safe for sensitive pups. The wipes contain an enriching moisturizer that helps keep the coat clean and shiny, as well as a PEG-7 Skin Conditioner for further benefit. Nature’s Miracle has been around for 35 years and they specialize in cleaning and hygiene products – these wipes are a clear testament to their experience. Mild enough to be used every day and yet efficient enough to keep the dirt at bay – whether it’s your dog’s paws or body that needs cleaning. 

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Earthbath wipes are a perfect choice for pets with sensitive skin or allergies. Fully hypoallergenic, these wipes are free from lanolin and alcohol and enriched with Vitamin E, ginseng and awapuhi extracts, Aloe Vera, and glycerin. USA made and eco-friendly, these wipes contain no parabens that could trigger your dog’s allergies, either. The natural ingredients will benefit the coat and the skin, making it soft, shiny, and deodorized. They work well wiping drool, paws, dirt, and the whole body. It also contains mild cleansers that will deodorize the coat and diminish those nasty smells.

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Eyes are definitely a very sensitive area to clean, and special wipes are needed. Alcohol and strong ingredients can cause irritation for your pet, so always be careful about this. Luckily, these special eye wipes will solve that issue. These pre-soaked pads have a special chemical formula that will benefit the eye and easily remove the buildup of residue. No irritation and no burning – these wipes are completely safe for both dogs and cats. Maintaining clean eyes at all times will remove the risk of infections.

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These soft and gentle wipes are perfect for puppies! The special formula soothes the skin and shines the coat, while the lovely baby powder scent deodorizes your pup. These wipes contain Vitamin A and E, as well as oatmeal extract and Aloe Vera. The latter will serve as a moisturizer, while the oatmeal can soothe the skin. The pleasant baby powder scent is a great and effective way to combat nasty odors. The only downside of these wipes is that they come in a 24-wipe pack, but that’s not a big deal. They are still an affordable and effective way to keep your puppy clean and healthy.

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These hypoallergenic and bio-friendly USDA approved wipes are one of the most popular choices on the market – all thanks to the quality and their beneficial aspects. Perfect for daily use and for sensitive puppers, these wipes are free of alcohol and parabens and are also fully compostable which is a huge plus for eco-friendly pawrents. Shea butter, Chamomile, and Aloe Vera are the main ingredients that look after your dog’s coat and keep it healthy and shiny. Earth Rate dog wipes come in two versions – unscented or lavender scent.

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Made from all-natural ingredients, these TropiClean wipes are a great choice if you’re looking for all-natural and eco-friendly wipes. These wipes contain a mild coconut cleanser, and they are perfect for everyday use and cleaning persistent dirt both. They are alcohol-free and will moisturize and condition the coat with natural ingredients. Aloe Vera soothes the skin, while glycerin acts as a moisturizer. These are affordable and a great solution for dirty paws, and removing pollen, dust, and all sorts of nasty dirt from your pet’s fur.

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Sometimes your pet will need some special attention, and regular wipes just won’t work on the sensitive parts of the body, including eyes and ears. That’s why Earthbath offers these special ear wipes that will help you safely remove the buildup of wax and avoid infections and constant scratches. Containing calming and cleansing ingredients such as chamomile, witch hazel, althaea root extract, natragem, cucumber extract, and Vitamin E, these wipes are simply the finest choice for maintaining your pet’s ears in top shape. Neglecting to clean ears can lead to a build-up of discharge and possibly to infection so it’s important to keep the hygiene up to standards. These hygienic wipes work well for dogs and cats, even if they are just puppies and kittens.

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Burt’s Bees are one of the more unique offers on the market, as these hypoallergenic wipes are made with honey! 98% natural, the wipes have a multipurpose role and are rich in amino acids, minerals, and vitamins. pH balanced and free from alcohol, parabens, fragrances, sulfates, or colorants, they are great for cleaning paws and the body. They are not made for cleaning eyes and ears, though- keep the use limited to the furry parts of your pet’s body!

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These PUPMATE grooming wipes work great for both cats and dogs and come in a box dispenser. With 90% aloe content, and added Vitamin E, they are one of the best moisturizer wipes on the market. Alcohol-free and hypoallergenic, the wipes are also biodegradable and eco-friendly. You can choose from several large packages, from 100 wipes all the way up to 300 count packs. You can also choose between the Aloe Vera rich version or the natural version. These combine everyday use with hypoallergenic elements, which is great if your pup has sensitive skin or hot spots that need care!

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There is much more to dog wipes than a quick way to clean a dirty pup. Some of them are also beneficial to your pet’s health, and can be helpful with certain skin conditions as well! They can also neutralize bad smells coming off your stinky pupper, and work well with dogs that have allergic reactions. Here are the most common types of dog wipes and when to use them:

  • Deodorized wipes

Deodorized wipes are a perfect solution to all those smelly problems! It is no secret that a dog can get a bit stinky- especially after some wild times spent outside. When you are in a rush, deodorized wipes will come in handy to freshen things up a bit! In no amount of time, your pupper can smell as fresh as a daisy, and it can really make a difference. But always choose the proper brand wipes, as some dogs might be allergic to certain deodorized wipes. Luckily, most offers on the market today are totally safe for all pets. 

  • Hypoallergenic wipes

It is not uncommon for pets to often show signs of allergic reactions when faced with certain ingredients in hygienic dog products. It is not something to get alarmed about, and there are often easy solutions from your vet to repair the damage if it happens, such as rash creams or drugs to treat the irritation. Luckily, wipes are still a valid option even for dogs with allergies. Specially made hypoallergenic wipes offer a safe and reliable option even for the most sensitive doggos out there. Skin sensitivities are no longer an issue – these wipes have all the necessary ingredients to provide an effortless water-free bath!

  • Medicated and antifungal wipes

If your furry friend has some hard-to-conquer issues, such as different skin conditions, rashes, skin infections, sores, hot spots, and such similar nasty things – don’t be discouraged, as there are plenty of options to help treat those problems. A variety of medicated and antifungal wipes can be found on the market, many of them recommended by vets. These antimicrobial wipes often contain Chlorhexidine, Miconazole, and similar beneficial ingredients, which will help with such conditions and give relief to your ailing pup. With regular use of medicated dog wipes, you can lessen the severity of your dog’s symptoms and help set a clear course to recovery.

  • Body wipes, ear wipes, and eye wipes for dogs

These are “standard” dog wipes, as in don’t have any special properties besides their ability to clean or disinfect. You can use them all over your pet’s body, with the exception of a few sensitive areas that need special handling- ears and eyes. Dogs naturally have ear wax accumulation and eye mucus discharge – and these can be cleaned with particular wipes that will work great, and are totally safe for your pet. Eye wipes must have special ingredients that won’t irritate the eye. And regular use of ear wipes is a great way to keep ear infection at bay! Furthermore, there are general-purpose body wipes, and these are great for everyday use and quick daily hygiene touch up. These are to be used from the tip of the tail to the tip of the nose, wherever needed.

When you have an accessory that is as nifty and quick to use as are dog wipes, it can be quite easy to overlook, dismiss, or just eternally postpone those proper, thorough hygiene routines that include some extra effort- such as getting your dog a bath. But this is a big mistake. You should never fully rely on dog wipes as your only means of hygiene and cleaning for your pet. Remember that they are just a useful helping hand when you are truly out of time, and no better solution is possible at the moment. They are also a logical source of hygiene only when you are away from home – for example on a camping trip with your dog. In all other situations, you should never overlook those basic routines of hygiene and grooming. Regular trims and baths are always a must, as are the regular vet check-ups. Avoiding these will only lead to more problems.

Baths are one of the main staples of good hygiene, and should generally be done once a month unless the situation calls for a more frequent bath schedule. A proper bath with the right type of dog shampoo will get all the dirt and the grime out of your pet’s coat, improve their hair and skin, and leave them smelling good for days. Wipes are just an interim solution that can be helpful in certain situations, but can’t offer the same depth of cleaning and the same benefits as regular baths.

Nevertheless, dog wipes are one of those things that every pet parent should have in their home. They are convenient and practical, they don’t cost much and can be of great use when you’re tight on time or your pet gets dirty when you least expect it (as dogs do). Grab a pair for your home, your car, your bag – and make sure you don’t have to worry about your dog being a complete mess in between baths.

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