2024 Cannes Film Festival Celebrates All Things Dog

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson

Celeb pooches get the star treatment at prestigious event.

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Oohlala! Some of the top dogs of film got a chance to strut their stuff at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival earlier this month. Flashbulbs popping and paparazzi calling, it was clear these uber-popular pooches were absolutely lapping up all the attention. And it should come as no surprise that their chill, nonchalant take on it all is exactly why the four-legged celebs stole the show from the two-legged variety.

As with any awards-type show, it all kicked off in true “fashion police” style with Border Collie Snoop (AKA Messi in last year's Oscar-winning film Anatomy of a Fall) rocking the red carpet with a classic black and white vibe. I mean, you just can’t go wrong when you stick with a simple color combo. And with him scoring last year’s coveted Palme “Dog” prize after being named the festival’s top dog, it only made sense that the handsome boy would be called upon to lead the way when the 2024 festival rolled around. Did I mention it’s now in its 77th year?

Of course, Snoop took it all in stride, pausing and striking a pose for adoring fans and paparazzi alike. And while he wasn’t required to heel, sit and stay for any of those pesky interviews, he was in true “good boy” form when it came to strolling the streets of Cannes and indulging the crowds of fans clamoring for a selfie with the four-legged celebrity.

Tagging behind Snoop was Kodi (AKA Dosch in the recently released comedy, Dog on Trial). The plucky Griffon mix was clearly at ease and totally comfortable rubbing shoulders – err, rather, up against the legs of – Hollywood elite that included Meryl Streep, Kevin Costner, Demi Moore, Cher, Cate Blanchett, Heidi Klum… et beaucoup plus.

We all know that celebs never travel alone, so Demi Moore was quick to intro the tiny entourage that accompanied her to France: a pint-sized Chihuahua named Pilaf – yep, just like the rice. Scoring big points with the media and easily collecting her 15 minutes of fame, this tiny cutie sat in on all interviews and kept her thoughts to herself. Pretty unique for this breed, right?

Bringing the heady soirée vibe of the event back down to earth was when a Samoyed named Felicity made her red-carpet appearance – the second year in a row at the prestigious event. Wearing chic, gold-tone couture, the rescue from China delivered a big message for London-based charity NoToDogMeat. Agreed and ‘nuff said.

But it wasn’t all glitz and glamour at this year’s event. Alas, there’s always a Cinderella in the pack and this time it’s those non-celeb security dogs who had to work the event and fill their time sniffing out venues, equipment, and, of course, all those glamorous attendees. Mon Dieu!

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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