A Month of TLC Transforms a Practically Feral Dog Into a Loving Pet

Nevena Nacic
by Nevena Nacic

A two-year-old Great Pyrenees, named Wesley, arrived at Austin Pets Alive with a nasty-looking neck wound. 

One look at the fluffy pooch would surely melt your heart, but a month ago Wesley desperately hoped no one would look his way. 

According to a post from Austin Pets Alive, rescuers found a practically feral Wesley running with a pack of stray dogs. A concerned citizen called Austin Animal Center after they spotted a fluffy dog with a serious-looking neck wound. 

After receiving the call, Austin Animal Center picked up the injured Great Pyrenees and removed a piece of old rope that was embedded in the dog’s neck. Since Wesley still required medical assistance after the rope was removed, Austin Animal Center transferred him to Austin Pets Alive.   

Wesley arrived at the rescue frightened and in pain. 

“He needed lots of medical care, attention, and his favorite snack, cheese, which he prefers to enjoy when no one’s watching,” said Clare Callison, the director of national programs at Austin Pets Alive. 

Thanks to donations, the rescue was able to cover the cost of Wesley’s wound care, which totaled hundreds of dollars. “Our community’s love for pets is immense and generous donations help cover Wesley’s medical expenses and ensure he receives the best care possible.”

While donations helped heal Wesley’s flesh wounds, Alex, an Austin Pets Alive staff member helped mend the dog’s broken heart. 

The fluffy boy was in need of our Medical Triage & Wellness Clinic due to a large wound around his neck, but he was practically feral, so giving him medical attention required some added patience,” wrote Austin Pets Alive in a Facebook post. 

Over the next several weeks, “Alex showed up for Wesley day in and day out, patiently showing this injured soul that people can be good and offer love. Gradually trust was gained and these two formed a friendship that will last a lifetime,” the rescue wrote in a post. 

When Wesley first arrived at the rescue, he was shut down and scared. The poor pooch didn’t want to be seen or touched, shying from any physical affection. 

Over time and thanks to Alex’s continued efforts, Wesley started to open up. Gradually, the pup began to acclimate to love and affection, starting with gentle touches and petting and working up to real play sessions. 

At first, Wesley was terrified of wearing a harness and walking on a leash. But thanks to Alex’s patience and a lot of delicious treats the fluffy pup is no longer scared of being leashed and enjoys going on long walks. 

Only a month after he arrived at the rescue in a horrifying condition, Wesley has blossomed into a trusting and loving dog. Soon after, Wesley was deemed healthy and placed in a foster-to-adopt home, handpicked by Alex. 

The pup’s new family has spent weeks getting to know him and learning about his routine and the things he likes and dislikes. According to Austin Pets Alive, Wesley has settled nicely into his new home and has adjusted to his new family.

This pooch made a 180 transforming from a practically feral stray dog to a loving and affectionate companion to his new family. This goes to show that a little patience, love, and determination can make a huge difference in the life of a stray dog. 

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Nevena Nacic
Nevena Nacic

Nevena is a freelance writer and a proud mom of Teo, a 17-year-old poodle, and Bob, a rescued grey tabby cat. Since childhood, she had a habit of picking up strays and bringing them home (luckily, her parents didn't know how to say NO). When she's not writing for her fellow pet parents, Nevena can be found watching Teo sleep. To her defense, that's not as creepy as it sounds!

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