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All dogs bark, but small dogs usually tend to bark more – they need to, if they want to be noticed. However, excessive barking is annoying and can get you in trouble with the neighbors. If your dog’s shrill barks threaten to drive you insane, it might be a good time to consider bark collars for small dogs.

A bark collar is a specific device designed to stop a dog from barking and is commonly used as a form of training. These collars work by sensing the vibrations in a dog’s vocal cords and deliver an unpleasant stimulus when a dog barks. Different types of bark collars for small dogs use different stimuli, ranging from static corrections, vibrations, sound, and spray, to discourage excessive barking. With so many different types and models of bark collars, you can have a hard time picking out the right one for your incessant barker. To help you stop your dog from barking, we handpicked the best bark collars for small dogs on the market. From vibration and sound-only bark collars to shock, and spray anti-bark collars, here are 10 bark collars that will help you get some peace and quiet – finally!

Editor’s Choice: Stopwoofer Dog Bark Collar

If your dog is yapping all the time, a Stopwoofer Dog Bark Collar might be a solution for your woes. Featuring an adjustable nylon strap, this anti-bark collar is suitable for dogs weighing seven or more pounds. What we love the most about this bark collar is that it has five bark correction levels with sound and vibration modes and won’t shock your pooch. This makes it a safer and milder option for training your dog to stop barking. Thanks to a handy USB port, the Stopwoofer barking collar gets charged in only two hours and lasts up to 14 days. Did we mention it’s waterproof and ideal for adventurous pooches who like to play and splash in the water?


  • Adjustable strap and lightweight design
  • No static corrections
  • Waterproof and durable
  • Rechargeable and lasts up to 14 days


  • The correction might not work on thick-coated dogs

Runner Up: Foraisv Bark Collar for Small Dogs

Featuring six correction levels, this barking collar is suitable for small, medium, and large dogs. The Foraisv anti-bark dog collar has three correction modes – sound, vibration, and optional shock function. The modern-looking display shows you all the necessary information and allows you to pick the correction mode and adjust the strength of correction your dog receives. To prevent false triggering and unnecessary corrections, this bark collar has a smart sensor that detects your dog’s bark and ignores all other noises. This rechargeable collar comes with a high battery capacity, working up to 15 days with only 30 minutes of charging.


  • A slider buckle makes it adjustable
  • Three modes of corrections
  • Durable and made of nylon
  • It can last up to 15 days on one charge


  • Not for dogs under eight pounds

Customer’s Choice: DogRook Dog Bark Training Collar

Looking for a shock-free solution for your dog’s excessive barking? The DogRook Dog Barking Training Collar might be able to help. This anti-bark collar is designed for dogs weighing over eight pounds and has an adjustable strap and a sturdy buckle. Instead of shocking your pooch whenever they bark, this collar combines vibration and sound modes to deliver pain-free progressive bark training. This collar combines two vibration modes with seven sound modes that will automatically intensify whenever your pup barks for more than one minute. Once your dog stops barking for a minute, the collar will automatically reset to the lowest setting, correcting your pup’s bad behavior and providing immediate feedback. Boasting a waterproof design, this no-shock bark collar is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


  • Suitable for dogs weighing between eight and 110 pounds
  • It uses only gentle sound and vibration corrections
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Adjustable collar and sturdy buckle


  • Not for heavy chewers

Best Adjustable Bark Collar for Small Dogs: Gutileer Bark Collar for Small Dogs

This anti-bark collar relies on sound and vibrations to stop excessive barking, but it also has an optional shock mode. This collar is a great option if you’re not keen on shocking your dog whenever they bark but want to have the option available for training purposes. Featuring a lightweight design and an adjustable strap, this anti-bark collar is suitable for small dogs weighing five to 15 pounds. It has six levels of progressive corrections and a smart sensor that reacts only to your dog’s bark, preventing false triggering and unnecessary corrections. This rechargeable barking collar needs two to three hours to fully charge and lasts around 10 days.


  • Optional shock function
  • Reflective nylon strap
  • Waterproof and safe for outdoor use
  • Great for safe and gentle training


  • It can be hard to program

Best Waterproof Bark Collar for Small Dogs: Enrivik Extra-Small Size Dog Training Collar with Remote

Suitable for all dogs over five pounds, this dog training collar comes with a remote and an increased range of 1000 feet. The Enrivik Dog Training Collar uses sound, vibration, and e-shock modes to correct bad behavior, like excessive braking, and reinforce positive habits. Programming this collar is easy, thanks to the remote, which allows you to choose the correction mode and adjust the correction’s intensity level from one to eight. Lightweight and waterproof, this collar is suitable for indoor and outdoor use in all weather conditions. The thin strap fits comfortably on the tiny necks of small dogs, and the display is light enough not to interfere with your pup’s daily activities.


  • It comes with a detailed user manual
  • A thin and adjustable strap is ideal for small dogs
  • Only needs to be charged once a week
  • It comes with a remote and a 1000 ft range


  • The remote doesn’t have a standby mode and shuts off entirely when not in use

Best No Shock Bark Collar for Small Dogs: Trulrox Bark Collar for Small Dogs

Perfectly sized for small dogs weighing eight to 15 pounds, the Trulrox Bark Collar is designed to humanely stop your dog’s nuisance barking. Instead of static shocks, this collar uses sound and vibrations to correct excessive barking and reinforce good behavior. Both vibration and sound modes have six correction levels, starting from the lowest and progressing to the highest intensity. This collar has a bark-detecting sensor which prevents false triggering, and silicone covers that prevent the metal prongs from coming into direct contact with your dog’s skin. The durable and adjustable neck strap also has a reflective tape that makes your pup visible in low light conditions.


  • Lightweight design and adjustable strap
  • Waterproof and suitable for outdoor use
  • Works up to 10 days between chargings
  • It has only vibration and sound modes


  • The vibration is not effective on thick-coated dogs

Best Rechargeable Bark Collar for Small Dogs: Elecane Anti Barking Collar for Small Dogs

Designed for the smallest barkers, the Elecane Anti Barking Collar fits dogs with neck sizes between six and 20 inches. Made to react to a dog’s vocal cord activity, this collar uses vibration and sound modes to deliver painless but effective corrections, causing only mild discomfort that won’t harm your dog but will give them a nudge to stop barking. It’s water resistant and can be used indoors and outdoors in all weather conditions, including rain and snow. The lightweight display is charged through a USB port and can work for up to 14 days.


  • Made from durable nylon
  • Delivers safe and mild corrections
  • Mud-resistant and rainproof
  • No shocks or spiked prongs


  • The corrections are too gentle for stubborn barkers

Best Lightweight Bark Collar for Small Dogs – Ulefix Anti Bark Collar for Small Dogs

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use barking collar for small dogs, you’d love the Ulefix Anti-Bark Collar. Featuring a minimalistic-looking display, this bark collar is perfectly sized for small dogs and uses only sound and vibration to reinforce good behavior and habits. The display features a USB charging port, a microphone sensor to detect your dog’s barking, a power button, and a sensitivity level display that shows the strength of corrections. This anti-bark collar has five correction levels that shut off automatically if your dog stops barking for a minute. The display doesn’t have raised prongs which could hurt your pooch or make them uncomfortable.


  • Suitable for dogs with a neck size from six to 20 inches
  • It needs only one or two hours to charge
  • Bark-detecting technology prevents false triggering
  • It lasts up to 15 days


  • Not for stubborn dogs

Best Bark Training Collar for Small Dogs – NBJU Bark Collar for Dogs

If you want a sleek-looking and effective training collar that will stop your dog’s incessant barking, the NBJU Bark Collar might be the perfect fit. Suitable for small, medium, and large dogs, this anti-barking collar has seven sensitivity levels. The three training modes – vibration, sound, or shock – are triggered only by your dog’s bark. The sleek LED display allows you to adjust the correction’s intensity and to check or switch modes. The adjustable collar is made from reflective materials and has a strong buckle and slider buckle to ensure a perfect fit.


  • Silicone caps protect the dog from skin abrasions
  • Rechargeable and lasts up to 12 days
  • Adjustable reflective strap
  • Waterproof for outdoor use


  • It can be triggered by other noise

Best Spray Bark Collar for Small Dogs – Citronella Bark Collar for Small Dogs

Instead of using sound, vibrations, or e-shock to stop nuisance barking, this anti-bark collar uses citronella spray to discourage barking. Dogs don’t love the smell of citronella, which makes this spray collar extremely effective for training your dog to stop barking. Suitable for dogs and puppies weighing more than eight pounds, this collar has an adjustable spray and sensitivity level. Set up the spray volume and sensitivity level using the adjust button on the collar’s display. This collar has a built-in lithium battery that lasts up to seven days on a two-hour charge.


  • Adjustable nylon strap
  • Uses citronella spray instead of harsh corrections
  • Safe for small dogs and puppies
  • It lasts up to seven days


  • You need to buy the spray separately

What to Consider in Bark Collars for Small Dogs?

A bark collar is a type of training device used to teach a dog to stop barking excessively. Bark collars are designed to use progressive corrections to discourage unwanted behavior and, over time, train a dog to avoid that type of behavior. There are several things you need to consider when looking for a bark collar for a small dog.

Type of Bark Collar

Excessive barking is a nuisance and can get you in trouble with your neighbors. Luckily, there are several options you can use to train your pooch to stop barking. Here are the different types of bark collars you can choose from:

  • Shock Collars: Electronic bark collars are designed to detect the vibration of your dog’s vocal cords while they bark and to deliver a static shock correction. Choose vibration or spray collars if you feel static shocks are too much for your dog to endure.
  • Sound and Vibration Collars: These collars use sound and vibration to stop excessive barking and are less frightening to some dogs than shock collars.
  • Spray Collars: Another milder alternative to shock collars, spray collars release a spray of citronella when they detect barking. These collars are usually the most expensive option because you must buy replacement cartridges for a sprayer.


Many anti-bark collars are designed for large dogs and are too cumbersome for small dogs. When shopping for a bark collar for a small dog, look for models with adjustable straps and small displays that won’t be uncomfortable to wear.


If your pooch is energetic and likes to play rough, look for a durable bark collar that can withstand wear and tear. Choosing a waterproof collar is a must if your dog likes to splash in the water or doesn’t mind walking in the rain.

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