Firefighters Rescue Pooch Trapped Inside Bathroom Wall... Seriously!

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson

Mother's Day celebrations took an unexpected turn when family dog lodges herself underneath bathtub.

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It’s the classic family event. Mother’s Day with all the kids gathered around, celebrating their beloved matriarch through gifts, cards, and flowers.

But wait a minute… not all family members are present and accounted for! Where oh where is that fun-loving fur kid, Faye? After a quick check under the beds, the yard is then searched, and her name is called with more and more urgency. Yet there is still no sighting of the missing pup.

That’s pretty much how I envision the afternoon unfolding for a family gathering in Garden Grove, California where they just wanted to enjoy a little quality time with mom.

But when two-year-old yellow lab Faye let her curiosity get the better of her, she got into rather tight quarters when exploring an area of the family home that no one thought to check. The bathroom. You see, jetted tubs typically have an access panel that keeps plumbing and electrical components within easy reach for when repairs are needed. Intrigued by where this secret door could lead, the inquiring canine decided to pop it open and check it out. Unfortunately, simply sticking her head in wasn’t enough for the nosy pooch so, she climbed in and managed to wedge her entire body underneath the bathtub.

Only after searching the house and outdoor space for a couple of hours did Faye’s family discover her new hiding place and try to coax her out. Alas, no way, no how could the wayward pup back out, let alone turn around to exit from such tight quarters. So, with Mother’s Day a bust, the family relented and called in the fire brigade.

Now, dogs have a high humiliation threshold, so this was no biggie for Faye. But not so much for her family as they escorted the firefighters into their bathroom and over to the sounds of a now not-so-happy pooch. Tapping on the wall while using thermal imaging helped determine her precise location, then, a sledgehammer was used to break through the drywall, thus creating a special new project for Faye’s pet parents. Maybe Papa can get some drywall compound for Father’s Day?

Once the sizeable hole had been produced, a totally nonplussed Faye peered back from her secret hiding place. After much coaxing - that included surprisingly few treats – they eventually convinced the family pet that it was time to exit.

Of course, question #1 is where might she “explore” next. And question #2 is, will this put her off having baths in future? Time will tell, but apparently, this gal leans towards being mischievous, so fire crews may need to keep Faye’s address in their GPS.

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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