Using Innovative Cat Treats To Help Keep Your Pet’s Teeth Clean

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by PetGuide Staff

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Cats are more than just pets; they're family. As loving cat owners, we strive to provide the best for our feline friends, ensuring they lead happy, healthy lives – and that starts with oral hygiene. Yes, keeping those pearly whites sparkly and that tuna breath less fishy might not be the first thing that came to mind when talking about the overall well-being of cats, but it’s true.

Poor oral health can cause a variety of health issues for felines, ranging from gingivitis to serious systemic issues due to bacteria from the mouth entering your pet’s bloodstream. Needless to say, your kitty’s dental health should be taken seriously. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for some great products that can help maintain good oral hygiene without being difficult to use (brushing a cat’s teeth is not the easiest feat in the world, you’ll admit) – and Ark Naturals line of dental products called Kiss Me-Ow checks all of our little boxes.

Made with the uniqueness and pickiness of felines in mind, these products cater to their taste preferences while addressing their dental needs. Whether your cat loves crunchy treats or prefers something soft and lickable, Kiss Me-ow has the perfect solution in the form of dental chews or liquid treats. 

The Kiss Me-ow Strengthening Dental Chews are a game-changer in feline dental care. These six-in-one chews are packed with calcium to support the strength of your cat’s teeth, while the crunchy texture helps reduce plaque and tartar. Each chew features a toothpaste center containing SHMP to freshen breath and ensure efficacy with every bite. Your cat will enjoy the tasty crunch, and you’ll love the peace of mind knowing their teeth are getting care they need.

On the other hand, Kiss Me-ow Lickable Dental Cat Treats are perfect for cats that prefer soft treats or just can’t have crunchy treats, such as seniors or kitties that already have some form of dental issues such as sensitive gums. These dental liquids can be given straight from the tube as a treat or poured over your cat’s food – so they double as a kibble topper for those finicky felines. Sneakily infused with toothpaste throughout, they help reduce plaque and tartar without any artificial colors or flavors– the best part is, your kitty won’t even know their tasty new treat is a form of toothpaste, as it comes in a range of savory flavors that all cats love. It’s a simple, enjoyable way to help keep your cat’s mouth clean and healthy every day.

t’s easy to see why we’re smitten with Ark Naturals Kiss Me-ow line of dental products – who wouldn't want help clean and strengthen your cat’s teeth with tasty treats they will love?

PetGuide Staff
PetGuide Staff

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