10 Best Pet Heating Pads

Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic

Pet heating pads provide additional comfort and warmth your cat and dog need during the cold winter months. However, not all pet heating pads are made alike–check out which of them are worth your money!

When the temperatures drop and the first snowflakes start falling, your pet is probably starting to look for a perfectly warm and snug nap spot. It’s no secret that both cats and dogs prefer sleeping in places that are toasty, so in the winter, their regular pet bed might not cut it. Your pampered pooch or finicky feline deserves the best, after all, and that means pet heating pads! Ideal for senior pets that have stiff joints or simply find it more difficult to warm up in their golden years, puppies and kittens, as well as moms with their litters, pet heating pads keep the temperature optimal for your pet. However, it’s not just these “special needs” pets that require a little warmth boost when it’s freezing outside. Pet heating pads are for every four-legged friend that loves a toasty, cozy spot to nap in. Cats and dogs both!

Of course, while the benefits of pet heating pads are many, it doesn’t mean that every heating mat on the market will deliver on its promises. Before you get the right type of heating pad for your cat or dog, you’ll have to do your research, to ensure that your pet will be cozy and safe both! For instance, dogs who chew don’t do well with electric heating pads that have plastic cables- it’s trouble waiting to happen. Similarly, cats or dogs that are incontinent (or still potty training) shouldn’t use pet heating pads that don’t have a waterproof cover for the same reason. And that’s just considering the design of pet heating pads–you’ll have to factor in your budget, the quality of the manufacture, your pet’s size, and many other details before you settle on the right one.

Luckily, you won’t have to sift through a ton of different (and often contradicting) information to find out which pet heating pads will do the job for your four-legged friend. Regardless of whether you have a cat or a dog, out comprehensive buying guide will give you all the scoop you need–from explaining why are pet heating pads a necessity to what features to look for in pet heating pads. Of course, we’ve also rounded the 10 best pet heating pads that all have raving reviews by dozens of pet pawrents–just pick one that matches your pet’s needs!

AILEEPET Pet Heating Pad

This electric heating pad for pets offers great value for money- it’s budget-friendly, easy to use and will meet the needs of most pets. The temperature is constant, between 80 and 130 degrees Fahrenheit, and the pad also has an auto-off feature and a programmable timer for up to 12 hours in advance. The AILEEPET heating pad is made from durable oxford fabric and waterproof material so you don’t have to worry about liquids creating a hazard and it features a chew-resistant cord to prevent curious puppies or chewers from gnawing on cables. This heating pad comes in two sizes–medium and extra large.

Snuggle Safe Pet Bed Microwave Heating Pad

Ideal for cats, toy breed dogs, and small animals, this microwavable heating pad will release its warmth for up to 10 hours. And depending on your microwave, it will be ready for use in just 2 to 8 minutes! It’s perfect when you need to leave your pet unattended and don’t want to worry about electricity and wires. To boot, you can just insert this round pad into your pet’s bed even if it’s far away from an outlet, as it will continue to release warmth for hours and make their nap spot as cozy as it can be. The Thermapol gel inside is not toxic to pets.

lesotc Pet Heating Pad

Soft, waterproof, and easy to clean, this pet heating pad is optimally designed both for comfort and safety. lesotc Pet Heating Pad boasts dual thermometer that emits a constant temperature in the range between 96.8 and 109.4 degrees Fahrenheit but the fact that this temperature is maintained through two thermostats instead of just one prevents overheating and potential fire hazard. This pet heating pad has been tested and rated as fireproof and flame retardant, so it passes all safety requirements with flying colors! It comes in two sizes, and it is suitable for cats or small to medium size dogs.

Furhaven ThermaNAP Self-Heating Pet Mat

Who said that you need a power outlet to get warm? This self-warming pet mat from Furhaven certainly proves that you can have a perfectly toasty and cozy nap spot even without the need for electricity or a microwave. The trick is in the insulating polyester fiber batting core that reflects your pet’s own body warmth back to him, making sure that the temperature is always optimal. It’s perfect for a cold day, whether it’s a snowstorm outside or it’s just one of those days when your pet needs some extra coziness. The easily portable heating pad can be used on its own or put inside your pet’s bed. It’s machine washable as well! It comes in a variety of colors and sizes to meet the needs of your dog as well as your home’s style and decor. The size of FurHaven ThermaNAP Faux Fur Self-Warming Pet Mat makes it perfect for cat or toy dog breeds.

K&H The Extreme Weather Kitty Pad

If you want to make winter time easier on the outdoor cats that visit your property, this weatherproof heating pad is an excellent solution. Built to withstand the elements, it is made with rugged ABS plastic (and a soft cover over it for comfort) and a steel-wrapped cord for safety. Even though its ruggedness is what makes K&H The Extreme Weather Kitty Pad best for use in garages, porches, or barns, you can always use this heating pad for your indoor cat, too, especially if you want something durable and reliable.

Paws & Pals Self-Warming Pet Cushion

Your dog’s crate should be his safe little nook where he feels relaxed and at ease–which is why getting a heating pad inside it is a great idea. The heat this self-warming mat will radiate once your pet curls up on it will help them unwind and have a toasty, cozy nap while you’re away at work. And since there is no electrical cord, you don’t have to worry about putting it in their crate unattended or worry about them chewing the cord up. The ultra-soft microfleece surface is super cozy to sleep on, and the bottom is no-slip for a snug fit inside the crate. The Paws & Pals Self-Warming Pet Cushion is great for an outdoor dog house or if you have to travel on an airline with your pet and they are in cargo. The self-heating pad will keep them warm and cozy, especially in chilly environments.

Furrybaby Pet Heating Pad

Available in two sizes, this compact pet heating pad will be a good choice for your feline friend or petite pooch. While it doesn’t have a programmable timer, this heating pad does boast an adjustable thermostat that will allow you to switch between low and high setting–the pad’s maximum temperature output is 122 degrees Fahrenheit. The heating pad is waterproof and easy to clean–just wipe with a damp cloth to remove hair, dirt or grease.

Downtown Pet Supply Thermal Leopard Print Cat Mat

Your pint-sized leopard will definitely appreciate this animal print thermal mat, as its self-warming properties make every kitty want to take a nap in it. The lightweight core of the pad absorbs the heat your pet’s body produces and reflects it back, creating an inviting and optimally warm environment for napping. In addition to being affordable and easy to use (no electricity or wires), this cat heating pad is also machine washable.

Pecute Pet Heating Pad

A high-end heating pad with an affordable price tag, Pecute pad boasts two internal thermostats for superior safety and comfort. The maximum temperature range of this heating pad is between 100 and 104 degrees Fahrenheit but it also has an overheat protection–if it heats up over 130 degrees, it will automatically shut down. Scratchproof, waterproof, and fireproof, this heating pad for pets also comes with 2 removable washable flannel cloth covers. Available in three sizes that fit most dogs and cats.

Zobire Pet Heating Pad for Large Dogs

If you need a pet heating pad for your chunky doggo, this large breed mat is a great choice–it comes in two sizes suited for most big dog breeds. Your dog will love napping on the soft fleece cover that covers a dual thermostat with an output of 97 to 109.4 degrees Fahrenheit. The waterproof casing and chew-proof cable are a great perk, as well, and make sure that this heating pad is suited for everyone from puppies to seniors.

Benefits of pet heating pads for dogs

There are so many benefits to heating mats for dogs that try to name them all would be almost impossible. But the most life-changing benefits of dog heating pads are those that these nifty mats offer to pets in their most vulnerable states: young puppies, pregnant or nursing bitches, dogs recuperating after a surgery, and senior dogs–especially those with painful joints, hips, or arthritis.

The way heating mats or pads work is pretty straightforward: they offer an external source of heat for your pooch, which can have a varying effect on them, from the simple enjoyment and comfort to pain-relieving and healing properties. Heating pads are used as a form of heat therapy for pets with joint and hip problems, as the radiating warmth can alleviate pain and improve mobility in dogs with arthritis–as they’ll be less stiff and sore after a nap in a cozy and warm bed. The same benefits apply to dogs that have been injured and need to recover, as heat therapy does wonders for sore and strained muscles, which is why owners of large dogs or working dog breeds need to make sure to always have a heating pad on hand. It could offer so much more than coziness for their pets!

But even the factor of comfort can’t be dismissed, of course. Not only that every dog should have a cozy and comfy place to sleep, relax, and unwind for the day, but a heating pad can also soothe anxious pooches and help relieve tension, ensuring dogs with behavioral issues feel more at ease.

Benefits of pet heating pads for cats

Anyone who’s ever shared his home with a feline friend knows how obsessed they get about warm nap spots! From your laptop to radiators, nothing is off-limits for a kitty looking to warm up–or too hot, for that matter. Needless to say, if you want to get in your cat’s good graces, a heating pad is a good place to start from. Without an exception, cats go nuts for heating pads, whether you place them in their own bed, on the sofa, or pick a completely new sleeping spot where you want them to be–they’ll be drawn by the radiating warmth as flies are to honey. And it’s not just about cats being crazy for the heat and coziness. There are other benefits to heating pads for cats other than doing something nice for your pet.

If your cat happens to be an indoor and outdoor cat both, you’ll want to make sure they can replenish their body heat and raise their temperature to optimal levels in optimal time after exploration in the snowy backyard. A heating pad will help your feline adventurer rest and get warm in no time, supporting his overall immune system and minimizing the potential of those chilly jelly beans leading to a nasty cold.

Not unlike their canine friends, senior cats can also experience stiffness in hips and joints and discomfort during movement. A heating pad can be therapeutic in these cases, as the warmth it produces will act directly on the sore pressure points, reducing stiffness and helping your elderly cat regain mobility back–without having to deal with chronic pain.

Types of pet heating pads and mats

While all pet heating pads essentially do the same job- which is to generate heat–there are different ways of doing it, so to speak. There are three different types of pet heating pads, according to their heat source:

  • Self-warming pet heating pads
  • Electric heating pads for pets
  • Microwavable pet heating pads

Self-warming heating pads use specific insulation and materials to reflect your pet’s own body warmth back to them, keeping the temperature at optimal levels at all times. Electric pet heating pads need to be plugged in to work, but they do deliver the most warmth and can be set to specific temperatures. Microwavable heating pads are filled with a special gel that retains heat for hours after a few minutes in a microwave.

What to look for in pet heating pads

Some differences in pet heating pads can be obvious to notice- such as the one between electric heating pads and self-warming heating pads, for instance–but there are other factors that are as important but might not be as noticeable if you don’t know what to look for. To make sure you’re getting the best pet heating pad for your dog or cat, be sure to check if these features match your needs:

Type of heat source

You can choose between self-warming, electric, and microwavable pet heating pads, so it all boils down to what works best for you and your pet. Electric pads are usually the priciest of the bunch but they are also the warmest, too, as they have a higher range of temperatures that can be set up manually. This also means they are versatile–as you can use them at the beginning of the autumn on low settings and turn to high when the temperatures drop below zero. Self-warming heating pads are a good choice if you want your pet to be toasty and cozy without having to worry about cables and electric bills, and the same goes for microwavable heating pads, too.


Pictures don’t always do justice to heating pads–be sure to measure your pet and compare the numbers to the dimensions of the pad. Pet heating pads come in all sizes, but it’s best to go a size up if you’re unsure–a bit more space for lying down is always welcome. You don’t want your pet’s but sticking out in the cold, do you?


This is particularly important if you are getting your pet an electric heating pad. In case your pet is a chewer, you should go for the designs that feature a stainless-steel protective cover for the cable to make sure there is no room for accidents. Similarly, if your pet is not potty trained or they are incontinent, check if the heating pad comes with a waterproof cover that will not let liquids through to the electric parts of the pad

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