Petmate’s Wetnoz Lilac Carrier Is Perfect For Trendy Dogs On The Go

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You’ve got lots of places to be and you want to bring your dog along with you. Sometimes, your dog can’t always follow along on a leash. There may be animal restrictions (some places won’t let pets roam freely), your dog can’t keep up, you’re in a hurry or you’re pup is just pooped out. Whatever the reason is, the Petmate Wetnoz Carrier lets you carry your pooch with panache.

petmate-wetnoz-carrier-1I love the lilac tone – Petmate says the color was inspired by Pantone of the year “Radiant Orchid.” The lighter hue is a lovely shade of purple. I’ve really been getting into purple this season because it pops with whatever I happen to be wearing. And let’s be honest – Oscar looks AWESOME in lilac!

But the Wetnoz carrier is much more than color and style. It’s about everyday use and comfort. This combined pet carrier and cuddle bed features patent-pending leak-proof interior in case of accidents. What I love about it is the entire top unzips easily to become a complete stand-alone dog bed. When you don’t need it for a carrier, just use it as a bed. The plush-padded liner is super comfy and unzips from the carrier when it needs a washing. The four hard plastic feet on the bottom keep it off the ground and make sure that the bottom of the carrier doesn’t get dirty or scuffed

petmate-wetnoz-carrier-2When you’re on the go, the top goes on, the padded strap fits comfortable over your shoulder and you’re on your way (there’s also a top handle if you want to grab it and go). If your dog likes to see what’s going on around him, the entire top is made of mesh. For an even better view, the top and the sides can be unzipped and rolled up. There are even pockets in the side to carry treats and poop bags.

The Petmate Wetnoz Carrier retails for $150.  It also comes in hibiscus, indigo, and pear.