Kick Puppy Pads to the Curb With Piddle Place

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria
Sick of icy-cold pee breaks? Tired of taking the elevator to “take care of business? You’ll want to check out Piddle Place, an odor-free alternative pet relief system.

Kika, my Chiweenie, is very much an indoor pooch. While she bounces in excitement when we go for walks or let her roam the yard at her pleasure, for the most part she does her business in the basement on puppy pads laid atop a plastic shoe mat. While it isn’t the most glamorous space in our home, it’s the only solution available on the market right now for pets who need to relieve themselves whilst indoor.

That is until the introduction of the Piddle Place, which is an odor-free, environmentally-friendly pet relief system. Perfect for pet parents living in a high-rise, seniors residences and anyone who can’t stand a cold snap, this portable pee and poop patch for pooches is the answer to your bathroom woes.

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Bathroom Breakdown

There’s two parts to the Piddle Place: the non-stick, green turf top and the sturdy molded plastic bottom which holds your pet’s waste until you are ready to dispose of it.

If you ask anyone who has had to use puppy pads, the number one complaint they will have is the undeniable smell of urine wherever the pads are used. The Piddle Place promises that with its bio-enzyme treatment, you won’t ever have to smell a thing. Simply mix the chemical-free liquid with a cup of water, shake it, then drain it into the plastic bottom. When your pet’s urine drains into the reservoir, it will mix with the treatment and eliminate any waste odor. The green turf also needs to be sprayed with the bio-enzyme treatment to stay sanitary and stink-free. Bonus: because your pet’s waste goes through the said green turf to reach the plastic bottom, your pooch won’t ever walk around with icky pee-covered paws again. That also eliminates the need for puppy wipes (Kika has a love-hate relationship with those darn things). The Piddle Place’s quick drain spout also makes it easy for it to be emptied out every week in the toilet with just a flick of your wrist- no more picking up pee-soaked puppy pads!

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While it doesn’t eliminate the need to take your pooch out to exercise, Piddle Place is a great solution for families who have a busy lifestyle and may not always have the time to let Fido out to relieve himself. It is also handy for seniors who have limited mobility and for anyone who lives in a place where bad weather is not unusual: Kika, for instance, absolutely hates the cold and snow, no matter how bundles up she is. Therefore, an indoor relief system an absolute must with her, especially during the winter months. For those of you who love to bring your furry child with you when you travel in your RV or boat, the Piddle Place is relatively small and should fit in a convenient nook.

At the moment, the Piddle Place is only available in one size: 19 by 30 inches. This means that bigger dogs may have a tough time keeping their business within the perimeter of the pad, but not to worry: the makers of the Piddle Pad are already designing a solution to this problem.

The Piddle Place is available for about $100, and the bio-enzyme treatment is available for just under $30. If you’re subscribed to the Super Saver service, you’ll receive a nine week supply of the bio-enzyme treatment as well as a splash guard that attaches to the side of the Piddle Place for male dogs (nothing says icky quite like urine stains on the wall) for $39. While it may be a tad expensive at first, remember that boxes of puppy pads and the cans of Febreeze really add up at the end of the year!

Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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