Zippy Full-Body Suits For Dogs Are Spiffy In A Jiffy!

Amy Tokic
by Amy Tokic
When you combine style and function, you get a protective, stylish coat that protects your dog from a host of seasonal elements

We admit, at first glance, Zippy Dynamics’ full-body dog suits look a little over the top. Sure, it looks futuristic, but reading and learning more about it, the suits now remind us performance gear – and really, if you think about it, the Zippy jackets do just that.

Straight out of New York (the fashion capital of North America), Zippy Dynamics is out to dress your dog like he just stepped off the runway. These adjustable and weather-resistant coats come in a range of styles, but all of them provide protection against UV rays, wind, rain, snow, sand, dirt, and fleas and ticks.

Zippy sent our model, Boots the Boston Terrier, the Cozy coat to try out. The fashion shoot (which we dubbed “Boots Suit Riot”) drew quite a bit of attention from passers-by. It’s fair to say that no one on the street or the dog park had ever seen a fashion statement like this before!

The Cozy certain lives up to its name – it comes in a cozy gray color, highlight by yellow accents, a modern color combination we love. To get into the suit, there’s a main zipper on the back of the coat, along with zippers on each pant leg. Adjusting to Boots’ size was easy, thanks to six adjustable cords that run along the suit’s body and each of the pant legs. For a full range of motion, the Cozy incorporates elastic inserts into key areas where dogs moves most. In terms of the material used, the Cozy features a breathable inner lining and a thick shell that keeps your dog warm on the coldest of winter days.

Putting the Cozy on Boots was easy – he’s very passive when it’s time to get dressed up. Still, the zippers and pull strings made it easy to get it on him. Plus, there were no snags on his nails or anywhere else.

Once he got used to the suit, he was very mobile in it. He was able to sit, lie down, shake paw, “sit pretty”, and even jump without it getting in the way. We got the medium-sized jacket, which was a little baggy on him even with the draw strings pulled, so make sure you measure your dog properly before ordering to ensure the perfect fit.

We were a bit concerned with the pull strings sticking out – he could get caught in branches when he wanders into the bush. I think a resolution for this issue would be to add a little pocket or Velco to stick the pull strings to once they’ve been tightened to your dog’s fit.

Overall, the Cozy suit worked really well. Boots was able to happily move around – he pee’d and he didn’t get it on the outfit! Of course, he didn’t notice all the stares he was getting in the suit, so he didn’t realize how fashion forward he was. We like the fact that it’s ideal to use in the spring, fall and winter, making the investment in the full-body suit worthwhile. It’ll last you through many years of seasonal changes and keep your pooch dry and safe from pretty much anything Mother Nature has to offer.

Zippy Dynamics’ Cozy full-body suit retails for $129.99 and comes in sizes small, medium and large. You can check out Zippy’s full line of jackets on their official website.

Amy Tokic
Amy Tokic

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