Top 11 Snuffle Mats For Dogs

The idea for the snuffle mat came from a bunch of dog-lovers in the Netherlands who knew that dogs like to use those smart little brains of theirs. Snuffle mats, at the core, are mats that allow the dogs to find dry food or treats that you’ve hidden. That means that with a snuffle mat you’re feeding your dog while also letting their brain be stimulated as they savour their food. It turns feeding time into a stimulating activity. A game that will make them grateful for their treats. Sure, it sounds a little silly, but it’s amazing just how much pups love these things. Yours will be no exception.

Think about it. If your dogs are like mine, meal time is the highlight of their day and it’s over in about 3.7 seconds flat. Dogs don’t exactly take the time to dig in and appreciate their food, no matter how much they love it. That’s just not how pups work. So, a snuffle mat is a perfect way to extend food and playtime for your pup every day. This is an ideal product for those chowhounds who wolf their food down and it doubles as excellent stimulation for their brains too! What’s not to love?!

You want a snuffle mat in your dog’s life. That’s a fact. The only real question is which snuffle mat to bring home to that perfect pup. That’s where we come in. We’re hear to make a choice a little easier. So which ones are the best? Keep your eyes on this page and check out our top 11 snuffle mats for dogs!

Paw5 Is a great Snufflemat

1. Paw5 Wooly SnuffleMat

This is a tried and true snuffle mat that has plenty of positive reviews. Not only is the Paw5 Wooly Snuffle Mat guaranteed to keep your dog entertained throughout any meal, the mat is also a breeze to keep clean (which isn’t always the case with these products). The Paw5 Wooly is easy to fill, machine washable ,and will have your dogs foraging every now and then on the off-chance that they may left something behind at breakfast! It’s one of our faves and your dog will feel the same way. Simple, but undeniably effective.


2. Beehive Snuffle Mat

It’s time to put you dog’s brain to the test. This snuffle mat stimulates your dog’s foraging instinct and satisfies his nosing sense by mimicking the hunt for food in nature. It won’t be easy to get at all the food hidden inside the beehive, but your pup will have so much fun finding it. If you need to go large, get a couple and put them together for an even bigger challenge. That’ll keep the pooch busy for hours. 

This snufflemat has a lot for your dog to do

3. Petneces Interactive Mats

These are such a cool for your pup! They go a step above a typical fluff mat with some really neat interactive flips and folds for your dog to forage through when chowing down. There are a variety of puzzles to keep your pooch hunting for that tasty treat and they will love each and every one of them. They’re large mats, so finding enough space for the mat could be an issue for apartment dwellers. However they’ll make every mealtime a fun time for Fido. So that might be worth it.

These snufflemats can be pieced together

4. AK KYC Snuffle Mat

Now, these mats are a bit smaller. That makes perfect for your four-legged furry foodie friend whose on the smaller side (or perhaps for a home on the smaller side). Hand-made and still machine washable, they’re fantastic food fun in fluff form! We also love that you can piece several of these together to customize, allowing you to create your own tasty snuffle adventure for your pup.

This smelly mat snuffle mat has an activity control level

5. SniFFiz Smelly Matty

This is the perfect mat for a high-drive forager who is constantly looking for some serious brain work. You can actually control the difficulty level for your dog when hiding their food or treats. With no less than five different ways to keep them forging, it would be possible to create a different food finding adventure for almost every meal. There’s a lot of versatility in this snuffle mat. It will help stimulate you furbaby’s brain with all its different patterns.


6. Coppthinktu Snuffle Mat for Dogs

We absolutely love this adorable 2 in 1 snuffle mat for dogs! There are six small cups on the side of the sniffing pad to hide treats, while the middle is the main hiding area. This mat can be used as a bowl or as a snuffle mat. It’s entirely up to you and how much of a challenge you want to offer your dog. Decide where the food will go according to what your dog needs at that time. Use the cups for a meal or the centre for a challenging game. Or use both to keep your pup guessing. So many options!


7. SlowTon Dog Snuffle Mat

This snuffle mat scores! Soccer fans will love this snuffle mat that looks just like a footie field. One thing is for sure: your dog will score ever time dinner is served by using his nose to explore and discover the hidden kibble.

This soft snufflmat is a great mat for dogs

8. DiffLife Activity Mat

This is yet another soft,  fuzzy, and  furry means to feed your pup the food they crave in an entertaining and decorative manner. Even better, this carefully thought out design is made entirely from sustainable products, allowing you to buy it guilt free! The mat also comes in medium and large and is machine-washable.

This snufflemat is great for bored dogs

9. Dononna Wooly Snuffle Mat

If you’ve got a young, energetic, and easily bored dog, this is a great mat for them because it not only encourages natural foraging instincts, but it has lots of other activity opportunities for your pup to engage in to settle frustration and anxiety from boredom. It’s a little activity mat that your dog puppy may even enjoy when there aren’t tasty treats concealed within. The Dononna Wooly Snuffle Mat is also sustainably made with upcycled pieces. A mat that is sure to keep your furry forager engaged and having fun.

This adorable snufflemat is a great mat for little dogs

10. IFOYO Feeding Mat

We adore this cute-as-a-bug-in-a-rug mat! It’s adorable enough to look like a cute decoration and perfect for the small-medium dog in your life who might need to learn to eat just a tad bit daintier than wolfing down their meals. It’ll keep them stimulated with all the fun fluffs to look through, even outside of mealtime!



11. Sniff Diggy Fun Mental Stimulation Nose Work Mat

If your dog is too smart for his own good, the Sniff Diggy Fun Mental Stimulation Nose Work Mat will help keep his mind and his nose busy. Here’s an interesting fact: this easy-to-use nose work mat provides the same amount of sensory and cognitive stimulation for your pup as a walk around the block! That’s what makes these mats such a valuable addition to any pup-filled home.


Want to Try Making Your Own Snuffle Mat?

If you’re interested in how to make a snuffle mat of your own, there are a lot of DIY tutorials online. No matter what, though, be prepared to put in quite a bit of work and time to make a snuffle mat that will function as it should and be durable enough to withstand your dog playing with it.

For many pet owners, it’s simply a lot easier to purchase a pre-made snuffle mat, as there are so many high-quality options to choose from and they aren’t expensive. But if you really want to give making your own snuffle mat a go, here’s a basic breakdown of what’s involved

  • Gather your materials. These include a rubber sink mat and upwards of 1½ yards of fleece that isn’t too thick (you don’t want it to be hard to thread through the mat and tie into knots). For a medium sized dog, a rubber mat that measures around 12”x15” might suffice, but if you have a bigger dog, you’ll likely need to get one that’s even larger. The same holds true for the fleece, as you might need more than this amount if you’re making a bigger snuffle mat.
  • Once you have all of your materials ready to go, the next step involves cutting up the fleece so you have a lot of strips that are roughly 1” to 1½ ” wide. The strips should also be a decent length, such as 7”, so you have enough to work with. You could vary the length and width of these strips so you have strips of different sizes when you’re done. How many strips will you need, though? Well, it depends, but don’t be surprised if you need more than 250 strips to get the job done right.
  • Now you’re ready to put it all together. Take one end of one of the strips and push it through the first hole in the mat. The other end of the same strip should be pushed through the hole that’s next to the first hole. Then, you’ll need to flip the mat and tie the strip with one knot. Next, you’ll take another strip and put it through the second hole, next to the first strip, before pushing the other end of that strip through the next hole on the mat. Turn the mat over again and knot that one. Follow this process until you have two of the mat’s rows filled with strips.
  • Next, grab another strip, pushing it through your first row’s first hole, and taking the other end of it and pushing it through the second row’s first hole. Turn the mat over, knot the strip, and then keep going until your first two rows are done in this manner.
  • You’ll need to repeat these steps until you’ve filled in your mat. Then, you’re done!

Making your own snuffle mat can be a nice way to spend some time making something nice for your furry friend. But if this seems like it’s too much work, our list of the top 11 snuffle mats will help you find the perfect product to purchase. It’s entirely up to you and no regardless of which option that you choose, these mats are guaranteed to improve the life of any pup!