10 Tantalizing Boston Terrier Trifles

Diana Faria
by Diana Faria

Pull out your credit card and get ready to online shop. Get clicking on these adorable Boston Terrier trinkets that’ll get your mouse clicking to buy.

1. Oven Mitts

Handle those hot dishes with these amazing Boston Terrier-stamped oven mitts.

2. Wallet

This teal wallet with your pooch’s mug will definitely keep all your money safe…because how else are you going to buy all the treats?!

3. Dry Erase Board

Never forget another errand with this handy-dandy doggy dry erase board.

4. Duvet Cover

We all know you let Fido sleep on the bed with you – let them know they always have a spot over (or under) the sheets with this Boston Terrier-covered duvet cover.

5. Travel Mug

No proud pet parent is complete without a mug stamped with this hipster Boston Terrier mug, you can be part of the club too.

6. Coloring Book

Relieve some bent-up stress by sitting down with your headphones in, your Boston Terrier snoozing at your feet and this BT-filled coloring book.

7. Garden Stake

No rabbits will come nibbling in your vegetable patch when you put up this Boston Terrier silhouetted garden stake.

8. Journal

Forgo the drab journals available at bookstores and opt for this minimalist journal covered with your furry bestie.

9. Speaker

For an affordable, no-hassle gift for your Boston Terrier-loving friend, this mini speaker with a picture of their favorite pooch is the perfect present.

10. License Plate Cover

Who wants to go for a drive? You do! Especially when your car is outfitted with this BT license plate cover.

Diana Faria
Diana Faria

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