10 Best Bowls For Morkies

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They’re so stinking cute and often, so stinking small! You want to make sure that they don’t have a difficult time reaching their food and water, so getting the just-right-size bowl is important.

This elevated feeder is Morkie Size

1. Super Design Stainless set. This helps bring your Morkie’s food to her itty bitty mouth in a stainless set on a non-skid mat. It’s a unique and delicate design for your little bit, and won’t overwhelm her. It retails for $14.94.

This non-skid mat makes it easy for your Morkie keep it still and clean

2. McBInfiniti Stainless set on Mat. This small set of stainless bowls sits on a food-grade silicone mat that will keep all the kibble and dribbles on the mat and not on your floor. They’re designed specifically for small dogs and this set even comes with an awesome silicone collapsible bowl set. It retails for $19.87.

This beautiful blue stainless bowl is a great bet for a Morkie

3. Loving Pets Bella Blu Bowl. This adorable little bowl is award-winning and made of stainless material for the best food health of your pet. It has a removable silicone base that makes the bowl easy to wash by hand or dishwasher, and keeps it from skidding from your Morkie as she eats. It retails for $3.59.

These popup camping bowls make great bowls for Morkies

4. PopUp Silicone Bowls. Now, we aren’t going to be all stereotypical and assume your little Diva isn’t a camper, but in case she’s not, these are still awesome bowls because they’re great for traveling anywhere you take your Morkie. And we know you take her everywhere. They are food grade silicone and they come in several different colors. They retail for $5.99.

5. Platinum Pets Embossed Stainless Steel Dog Bowl. Platinum Pets uses a proprietary power coating process to get that glean for their steel dog bowls. Beyond that sheen the high gauge stainless steel bowl is scratch, chip and fade resistant.  Each bowl is fitted with a durable silicone ring at the base so that your Morkie’s bowl won’t skip or tip. There size guide will show you exactly the size your petite pup is going to need.  For your Morkie they have an extra small size available, and you can pick from their array of 16 shiny colors all embossed with a tiny paw print.  Now you see why Platinum Pets produce the #1 selling powder coated pet bowl.

The slanted stainless bowl makes it easy for Morkies to eat

6. Super Design Slanted Feeder. This is perfect for Morkies because the slant makes it easy for your little furbaby to eat and digest food. They are in detachable silicone stands and are super easy to wash and care for. They come in several colors and retail for $14.94.

7. Country Barn Babes Customizable Feeding Bowls. Your pet is personal to you so why not get them their personalized pet bowl?  These wooden raised eating stations from Country Barn Babes are pieces so beautiful you will be happy to have them out all day in your kitchen.  And your Morkie will be thrilled with the height that is elevated enough that your poor pup doesn’t have to constrict their neck to eat or stand on their toes! Two stainless steel food bowls are included with your purchase and of course, you choose which of your Morkie’s favorite nickname you have engraved on the set.

8. PetRageous Embossed Paw Stoneware. We have always loved the quality and choices from PetRageous that is why their handcrafted paw embossed stoneware bowl for small dogs has made our list. The bowl is just 5 inches in diameter and 1.25 inches tall, holding up to 6 ounces of food.  Perfect for your little Morkie. As a pet parent you will love that the bowl is both dishwasher and microwave safe for hot meals and easy clean ups. The bright orange glaze is choice for your personality filled pup!

These little bitty bowls are perfect for smaller Morkies

9. Petrageous Little Lucy’s Paws Bowls. These bowls are low, low to the ground and perfect for your Morkie to eat with no issues about bowl size or height. They’re 100% stoneware so they’re microwave and dishwasher safe and they retail for $10.28 a bowl.

This feeder station is a great choice for a designer Morkie

10. Toftee’s Paws Pet Feeder. Perfect for teacup breeds, this designer pet feeder is stylish and just the right size for your Morkie. The bowls are lead-free, microwave and dishwasher safe and come in pink or neutral beige. The set retails for $14.24