10 Best Leashes For Shorkies

These leather leashes are great colors for Shorkies

1. BronzeDog Leather Training Lead. It starts as a trainer for small puppies but for designer breeds like Shorkies, it makes a wonderful everyday leather leash as well. We love the color selections BronzeDog offers and the durability of the leather makes it a great choice for wherever you take your Shorkie. It retails for $11.99.

Your Shorkie will be Belle of the Ball in this leash

2. Pesp Pearls Leash. Is your Shorkie a true diva? Aren’t they all? This pearls leash by Pesp may not be your everyday leash but when you want to make a statement, it’s a great way to do it. It’s made with reinforced steel and faux baby pearls and it’s still lightweight. The reinforced metal clasp makes sure it is safe for your Shorkie and it retails for $7.99.

This distressed leather is stylish and soft for your Shorkie

3. Mighty Paw Distressed Leather. We love the modern look of this 100% distressed leather leash and it comes in three different leather stains. It’s lightweight and durable and a nice fit for your Shorkie and it comes with a money-back guarantee if you don’t love it. (But you will!) It retails for $16.99.

This leash has the doggy bag holder for your Shorkie

4. Pawaboo Retractable Leash.We love that this retractable leash has the attached doggy poo bag holder for convenience, and that it still is lightweight and won’t bog your Shorkie down. The leash is terylene for smooth movements and the quick break lock lets you give your Shorkie some freedom. It retails for $10.99.

This leash for your Shorkie has a padded handle

5. Pupteck Nylon Puppy Leash. Leashes for puppies are sometimes still too big for Shorkies, but this one isn’t and it has extra padding for you when you’re taking your Shorkie wherever she wants to go. It’s durable and machine washable and comes in several colors. It retails for $7.99.

Sassy Dogs need this Sassy dog leash

6. Sassy Dog Nylon Leash. Is your Shorkie sassy? Sure she is. So this Sassy Dog nylon leash is a great match! It has durable nylon webbing so it’s easy to clean and care for and super-lightweight for your Shorkie’s comfort. It’s made in the USA and retails for $10.00.

This polka dot retractable leash is a hit with Shorkies

7. Yueton Fashion Retractable. Want your retractable leash to make a statement? (As if your Shorkie doesn’t already!) This retractable from Yueton comes in several adorable patterns and colors and will give your Shorkie some freedom to explore as it prances around town. It retails for $7.99.

These funky colors are fun for your Shorkie

8. Ihoming Leash Collar Combo. You may not choose to use the collar for your Shorkie (some people prefer harnesses) but at $11.89 for this combo of collar and leash, you can donate the collar because the leash is where it’s at! We love the funky patterns and colors your Shorkie can strut and it’s super easy to care for as it’s polyester and you can just throw in the wash.

Pawtitas makes a great reflective rope leash for your Shorkie

9. Pawtitas Reflective Rope. Looking for just a basic rope leash for when you need to have your dog on lead (instead of carry-on)? This is perfect! Its nylon rope is lightweight and sturdy, and the color choices are our faves. It comes in extra small just for teacups and retails for $15.99.

This basic nylon leash comes in gorgeous colors for your Shorkie

10. Coastal Nylon Leash. Looking for a teeny, tiny basic leash for your teeny, tiny Shorkie? One that comes in a nice variety of color? Look no further. This is a basic nylon leash, but the colors are bright and vivid and it’s perfect for quick trips to vet or friends, or even showing off (because it’s all about the Shorkie anyway, right?). One of the most tiny and durable we’ve found, it retails for $4.45. Grab a few colors!