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Winter is coming. Rough weather and snowfall are right around the corner, and that can bring all kinds of new experiences for your pupper. Each dog breed reacts differently to the cold weather, and depending on your pet’s coat, you’ll need to ensure they remain warm and dry throughout the winter. Now, we all know that dogs absolutely adore the snow – usually. Trudging about and rolling in the snowfall are seemingly their favorite pastimes in winter, much to the dismay of the pawrents who just want to get back inside where it’s warm and cozy. However, not all dogs enjoy the cold weather. 

Depending on the size and breed of your dog, winter can affect him in various ways. Large and furry dogs might have less issues, but small, gentle and short haired breeds will definitely need your help in order to stay warm, dry, and, above all, healthy. In fact, leaving your four legged companion unattended after a long session of running and rolling in the snow can spell trouble for both of you, regardless of your pet’s size. The abrupt change of environments and temperatures – from the chilly outside to the warm interior – can be quite a shock for your dog. And this is especially true for seniors, puppies, or petite pooches. To balance everything out, you’d want to invest in a warm winter jacket, that will keep a lot of the wet and cold away when you’re outside. But what about the resting time? You would want to ensure that your furry friend has a warm and cozy place to lie down and retain the bodily heat. And that’s where dog heating pads come in handy!

A heating pad can be a great benefit for your dog, in several different ways. While a dog’s fur is often a good way for him to retain a part of its heat, his paws are not the same. In winter months, your pooch’s paws will always be cold, unless they have a warm place to rest. Also, heating pads might have a therapeutic effect on your pet – especially the senior doggos. We all know that elderly dogs love to snooze during the day, and in winter, a heating pad is the perfect and healthiest place to do so. It will keep the cold away, and by doing so, prevent joint pain and discomfort. But above all, a good heating pad will help your tired, cold, and damp pet to rest and regain its normal temperature in a fast and healthy way. 

However, browsing through dog heating pads to find the right one can be a challenge, especially with all the choices on the market today. That’s why we are bringing you this short list of the best dog heating pads for dogs of all ages and sizes. With our list, choosing your doggo’s new favorite nap spot will be a breeze. 

Practical to use and budget-friendly, this heating pad will keep your pooch perfectly toasty throughout the winter. The temperature can be set anywhere between 80 and 130 degrees Fahrenheit. It is powered by electricity, so it will need to be plugged into an outlet to be used, but no need to worry about safety: this heating pad has an auto shut off feature. It can be programmed for up to 12 hours in advance, making sure your pet is warm throughout the night or when you’re at work. RIOGOO Pet Heating Pad comes in medium, large, and extra large size.

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Made in a combination of durable oxford fabric and waterproof material, egosopp Pet Heating Pad is a great choice for puppies, seniors, or dogs that go straight from the snowed in backyard to their nap spot. Not only that it will be easy to clean, but this heating pad is also resistant to damage caused by liquids. The temperature can be set to high or low setting depending on the situation and you can pre-set the heating function for up to 12 hours in advance. The cord is , in part, made from stainless steel so this heating pad is a good choice for chewers.

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Suitable for indoor and outdoor use both, this heating pad will have your doggo toasty no matter what. Offering orthopedic comfort, K&H Pet Products Lectro-Soft has a layer of foam to provide support and superior feel. Even the PVC cover is soft and plushy and adds to the overall coziness! It has an internal thermostat to make sure that the temperature of the pad is suited to that of your pet’s body. The steel-wrapped cable makes sure that your pet can’t hurt himself by chewing on the cord. Available in 3 sizes.

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Designed to keep small dogs warm in the winter, this simple yet effective heating pad doesn’t offer any bells and whistles, but with its budget-friendly price it still offers good value for money. Measuring 17.5 inches by 17.5 inches, Sumpol Pet Heating Pad will be a match for toy dog breeds and small dogs that weigh less than 50 pounds. The maximum temperature this pad offers is 113 degrees Fahrenheit, and it can be set on high or low preset, without a way to adjust the exact temperature.

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If you want your pet’s crate to feel cozy in the winter, this self-warming heating pad is an effective and inexpensive solution. Instead of using electricity to activate its heating properties, this pad relies on your pet’s body temperature to keep them toasty. To do so, K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Crate Pet Pad uses reflective technology and insulated interior. This heating pad comes in a range of sizes from extra small to extra large to ensure a perfect fit for all kinds of dog crates. 

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With a built-in dual thermostat, Zobire Pet Heating Pad will have no trouble keeping the cold away from your dog. The pad keeps temperature consistently between 94 and 109 degrees Fahrenheit for optimal levels of warmth. As the dimensions of the pad are 27.6 inches by 15.75 inches, this heating pad is a best match for medium and large breed dogs. And as an added benefit, the soft, fleecy cover is machine washable, so you don’t have to worry about your pet getting it dirty or smelly with use. 

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Measuring 19.7 inches by 27.6 inches, this heating pad is suited for large breed dogs. It is made with durable, water-resistant oxford cloth that’s easy to clean with a damp cloth- just wipe down any dirt your pet left behind. While there is no built-in timer or detailed temperature controls, you can set this heating mat to two warmth settings: high or low. The maximum temperature is 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

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With this heating pad, you don’t have to wonder what temperature it is emitting: just check what the LED indicator says! Adjustable between 95 and 122 degrees Fahrenheit, this heating pad can be a toasty nap spot in the autumn and the dead of the winter both, thanks to its adjustable temperature range. This mat is designed with different layers of materials for water-resistancy, comfort, and safety from accidents. HD JUNTUNKOR Pet Heating Pad measures 17.7 inches by 17.7 inches and it’s suitable for small breed dogs.

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Waterproof and easy to clean by hand, this heating pad is convenient and cozy both. The temperature it produces is up to 104 degrees Fahrenheit, and you can pick between low or high setting to make sure your pet is just warm and cozy enough after a long walk in the cold. The cord of this pad is encased in steel to make sure your pet can’t destroy it and hurt himself in the process. Available in two sizes that fit large and extra large dogs.

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From the built-in dual thermostat to soft and plush cover, MARUNDA Pet Heating Pad is all about your pet’s comfort. The temperature range it offers is between 95 and 108 degrees Fahrenheit, and you can pick between high and low setting for optimal warmth at all times. And to make sure that you love this heating pad as much as your pet does–it comes with a cover that can be machine washed–no mess, no hassle.

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Both experts and pet parents agree that heating pads are an effective form of heat therapy. This can help with relieving pain and sore muscles – especially after some rowdy exercise outside. On the other hand, if your pup recently had a surgery or an injury, heating pads can be an effective way of providing comfort, reducing swelling, and relaxing him. 

Heat therapy is also effective for older dogs with arthritis. Heat reduces stiffness, and improves the range of motion in the affected joints, with a natural focus on wrists and ankles of the legs. It is a perfect remedy after an outside walk. Heating pads can also effectively influence muscle spasms. Larger breeds can suffer from spine issues in their back and neck, and this can create pesky muscle spasms and strained muscles. Heat therapy is a perfect way to relieve this.

A heating pad can be a behavioral aid, too, and help with more than physical ailments. It’s no secret that certain dogs are shy, anxious, or often frightened – even in your home. Especially if you have recently adopted a new pet, and it isn’t adapting all too well. Surprisingly, dog heating pads can help in such cases. A warm nook is a real comfort zone for dogs, allowing rest and reducing stress. Providing your new pet with one can reduce anxiety and give him the true sense of security that a loving home should provide. He’ll grow to love his nook and quickly ease into his new surroundings.

If your pet has spent way too much time outside and on the snow, his body temperature might get too low. You wouldn’t want that to happen, so keeping an eye out and regulating the time spent on the outside is very important. Even if your dog is an outside pet, he still needs a warm place to rest in the winter, whether it is a warm dog house, a kennel, or the comforts of your own home. 

A dog heating pad works well in any of those places, and will certainly help keep hypothermia at bay. So what exactly is hypothermia? In the simplest terms, it is the stage of a critically low body temperature. When too much time is spent in really cold weather, without managing to successfully raise your temperature, hypothermia sets in – what is in a sense the body’s panic mode. Dogs can get it too, and once you notice it, you need to react quickly. It might be tough, but you need to do all you can to increase and maintain your pet’s body heat, and consult a veterinarian immediately.

These are some signs that your pet has spent too much time in the cold and that warmth is necessary:

  • Shivering

Strong bouts of trembling and shivering are the first signs of low body temperature. This is the body’s natural way of attempting to generate heat – by causing muscle spasms, a.k.a, shivering.

  • Lethargy

In dogs, lethargy is rarely a good sign. And in this case, it clearly shows that the temperature is low. If exposed to cold weather for too long, dogs can become sleepy, weak, and inactive.

  • Cold Skin and Fur

Fur is a dog’s natural barrier against the elements. But it’s in no way an invincible barrier. When fur is exposed to snow for too long, the skin is next to suffer – and once that happens, body temperature plummets.

Keeping an eye out for any of these symptoms during the winter months is an important responsibility of a dog owner. And to keep these nasty issues at bay, a heating pad can truly come in handy. Limit the time spent on the outside, and balance it by plenty of time spent indoors, cozily snoozing on a warmed up heating pad. The perfect scenario for a happy pup.

There are quite a few distinct features you should be paying attention to when choosing your heating pad. Ideally, you would want to find the one which is best suited for your circumstances, and that of your pet.

The breed of your dog is the first obvious aspect to keep in mind. Large, chubby, and furry dogs might need a larger pad with less of heat output, while the small breeds will do best with a small, well heated pad. A heated bed could also be a good alternative, especially for petite pooches.

The other aspect to keep in mind is your own schedule. If you or your family are at work or away for a part of the day, leaving your pet unattended with a heating pad on, might be a gamble. A good solution for this are microwavable dog heating pads. These are a great option if you need a short term solution, like providing a warm place for your dog in the early morning, or while you’re out. These unique pads heat up quickly, and can provide up to 10 hours of warmth! Simply pop them in the microwave for a few minutes and it will last a while. It is the safest option for an unattended pet. No wires, no danger, but heated nonetheless.

In addition to these important considerations, here are some other features to look for in dog heating pads:

  • Size and heating efficiency

Always purchase a heating pad that will match the size of your dog. Mismatching these two can result in wasted heat and energy, or fail to provide enough warmth for your pet.

  • Components 

Some heating pads – those that generate more heat – will come with electrical components and cables installed inside them. If you have a rowdy pupper who loves chewing on things, consider this. You might need a heating pad without any electrical components.

  • Waterproof

Opting for a waterproof heating pad is a great decision if your pet isn’t disciplined about peeing, or if they are accustomed of barging into the home wet and messy. It saves time and energy, without having to clean the pad daily.


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