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Pooches love to play regardless of their age – a dog in his golden years can enjoy a fun toy or some interactive playtime with his owner as much as a puppy does. This means that you should take care to meet your pet’s need for mental and physical stimulation that playtime offers throughout their lifetime and the best way to do that is to offer a diverse assortment of dog toys. Not unlike kids, dogs also tend to have their own preferences for certain types of toys. Some pooches are crazy about playing fetch so dog balls and frisbees are their faves. Others get bored easily and only interactive dog toys and puzzles can keep them occupied for hours on end. There are those that prefer stuffed toys, squeaky toys, bouncy toys, chew toys… The list goes on and on! And for many pooches, at the very top of the list are dog rope toys. What can we say, you’d be hard-pressed to find a canine that isn’t a sucker for some quality tug of war!

At first glance, rope toys for dogs are a simple toy, but don’t let that fool you: for most dogs, this simplistic design is more than enough to provide hours of fun. In solo play, dog rope toys are a good choice for mild chewers that don’t get destructive with their toys. But it’s when they are used interactively that these toys shine: whether it’s a fun game of tug of war or playing fetch, rope toys will make your pooch go bananas and really burn off that excess energy.

Dog rope toys have their advantages and disadvantages, the same as all pet toys. Naturally, dog rope toys are not a good choice for extreme chewers, as the fibers of the rope can cause intestinal blockage if your pet manages to eat parts of the toy. In other cases, with supervision if you’re unsure about your pet’s chewing prowess, these toys are as safe as any others.

However, even when the toy happens to be safe for your pet, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t any other factors to consider. Dog rope toys come in varying designs and qualities, and there can be a world of difference between two seemingly similar rope toys. To help you make the right choice for your pet, we’ve rounded up all types of dog rope toys in one place – all of ‘em loved by thousands of other pawrents and their furkids. Scroll and find a perfect one for your pet as well!

What could be better than combining two old faves into one new fun toy? Romp-n-Roll is a versatile toy that can provide fun for hours on end, even if your pooch has high standards when it comes to his entertainment. You can play tug of war or fetch with this fun rope toy, or let your pooch chase it on his own, on land or in water – the ball floats. To boot, the ball is made from puncture-resistant material, so it will stand up to some heavy-duty playing with ease. This toy is tough and available in multiple sizes – and all-around excellent choice.

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If you’re unsure what kind of dog rope toys would be the most interesting to your pet, why not get them all? And without breaking the bank to boot! This assortment of most popular dog toys includes designs such as large ropes with knots for big dogs, floss rope toys for better dental health, rope toy frisbee and many more. The set contains 11 different toys, so any pooch can find a perfect match – or a few! These rope toys are high-quality and very durable, so this pack can last you a long, long time. Very cost effective! 

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For dogs that love plush toys or squeaking toys, this design will be a hit. With two tough rope loops on the stuffed monkey’s arms and legs, you can play tug of war with your pet – or if you have two pooches, let them have fun on their own. The rope goes through the plushie’s whole body so it won’t rip easily. And once your pooch has had his fill of tugging and making the toy squeak, he can curl up with it and take a nap. A design that offers all that with one toy is a clever one indeed!

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In case your pet loves to gnaw on his rope toys and you’re worried about them accidentally swallowing some strands, this design might be a good solution. With a rubber horn covering most of the rope, it will be the rubber portion of the toy that gets the most chewing action and not the twisted cotton strands. The rubber horn has nubs that will massage your dog’s gums and promote good oral health and the rope ends make this toy suitable for playing fetch or tug of wars.

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Is your pooch a tug of war fiend? Look no more, because this rope toy will give your pooch(es) hours of fun. The rope is twisted in figure eight, with a PVC pipe joint in the middle that keeps it all tightly together. There are no unraveled ends to worry about, and it makes it more difficult for your pet to ruin the toy, too. The rope is extra thick and durable (1.18 inches in diameter) so this toy is suitable for medium and big dogs.

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Simple but durable, this twisted rope toy for dogs comes in medium or extra-large to suit the needs of tougher-playing pooches. As a result, the rope braid can have 2 or 4 knots along its length – and comes in different colors. Either way, this is a tried-and-true design that brings back what the rope toys were all about: no bells and whistles, but lots of chewing fun. Of course, this means that aggressive chewers shouldn’t be indulged with this toy and that your pet needs to be supervised while nibbling on his new prized possession.

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When treats and toys are combined into one, no dog is indifferent. This rope toy has a spiky rubber ball and a treat-dispensing bottle on one end, to make sure your pooch is always motivated to play. It will both work to support good dental health and ensure your pet eats his meals at the right pace as this toy makes your pupper work for food. The bottle holds up to 3.5 cups of kibble and can be filled either with whole meals or some dry crunchy treats. Ideal for greedy eaters or highly intelligent dogs that enjoy a challenge.

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You know the importance of flossing- but do you know the same goes for your pooch? Rope toys for dogs are popular for their beneficial effect on canine oral health, and this design goes one step further to ensure it. In addition to the all-natural cotton fibers in the rope, it also ensures mint-flavored floss threads that will keep your pet’s canines sparkly clean. The threads are infused with baking soda and fluoride to keep plaque and tartar away.

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Ideal for big dogs, this large rope toy has 5 knots your pooch can chew on, use to toss the toy, or grab onto while you’re tugging on the other end of the rope. This affordable toy is surprisingly durable and suitable for indoor and outdoor play both. Naturally, like all rope toys for dogs, it’s not a good choice for destructive chewers, so be sure to keep an eye on your pet while he’s playing.

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If playing fetch is your dog’s idea of fun, this rope ball will be their new favorite toy. Not only that it is fun to chew on, but this rope ball can also fly pretty far- and the loop handle makes it easier for you to make that far throw. Just pay attention to the size – the 6.5 inches diameter of the ball makes this a perfect choice for smaller dogs.

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One of the most frequent questions that arise when talking about rope toys for dogs is the question of their safety. This is only natural, as your pet’s safety should always be your primary concern, regardless of whether you’re picking out a toy or any other pet product. With rope toys, the primary concern is the ingestion of the rope strands.

For aggressive chewers that tend to destroy all their toys fairly easily, rope toys are among the most dangerous toys out there, if not the most dangerous of all. According to experts, strands of rope count as linear foreign bodies which comes with a whole other set of potential hazards in tow (as if ‘only’ swallowing foreign objects wasn’t bad on its own!). If your pet happens to swallow the strands from his rope toy, the following happens: one part of the strands will end up in his stomach while the other remains stuck inside the intestines. As their body tries to pass the foreign object out, the rope will cinch (like a drawstring on sweatpants), wreaking havoc on your pet’s body in the process. The cinching of the swallowed rope causes your dog’s complete intestines to draw into a ball, which is extremely painful- and without fast and proper treatment, it can also leave life-long damage. 

Even if the strands of the rope your pet swallowed aren’t long, the danger of intestinal blockage still remains: chew off and swallow enough of those short strands and obstruction will form in no time. For that reason, dog rope toys are NEVER to be given to pets that are extreme chewers as the risk is far too great. Even if your pet is not an aggressive chewer, you should still make sure to supervise them while they are gnawing on their new toy. Especially if you’re unsure about the quality of the toy, as cheap dog rope toys tend to fall apart with greater ease, making it possible for a curious pooch to get into big trouble. 

In conclusion, for dogs that have a normal, non-destructive play style and that are under their pet parent’s supervision during playtime, dog rope toys are perfectly safe. In other instances, toys designed for aggressive chewers, made from heavy-duty nylon or rubber, are definitely the safer and smarter choice. 

Dog rope toys come in all shapes and forms- and with varying price tags attached to them. Naturally, we all have different budgets when it comes to splurging on our pets, and that will play a big role in any pet parent’s choice, but regardless of that, you have to ensure that the toy you’re getting is safe and suitable for your pet’s needs. Luckily, with some maneuvering, you can manage to find dog rope toys that are well-made without breaking the bank- as long as you know what you need to look for, you’re all set. 

  • Toughness and durability

Not only that the durability of the toy determines if it offers good value for money, but it is also important for the safety of your pet. When you’re splurging on a new toy for your pooch, you want it to last as much as possible, and in this case, there are other reasons for that besides cost-effectiveness: dog rope toys need to be durable to prevent your pet from chewing off parts of the rope and swallowing it. This could lead to potentially fatal health complications, so it’s of utmost importance to ensure that the rope toy is well-made from quality materials. The rope needs to be tightly woven from a heavy-duty string that won’t unravel or break easily. This is especially important if your pet is large or eager when chewing his toys. (Again, rope toys are not recommended for extreme chewers, and it’s something you should always have in mind- no rope is tough enough for an aggressive gnawer looking to destroy his newest toy.)

  • Size

Dog rope toys are meant to be carried in your pet’s mouth- whether you’re playing tug of war, tossing the toy in the park and waiting for your pooch to fetch it, or if they are simply tossing it around and nibbling on it on their own, your dog will be using his jaw a lot with rope toys. This means that size is a really important factor to consider. I mean, you wouldn’t expect a strong Staffy and a petite Toy Poodle to play with the same toy and get the same fun out of it? If the rope toy is too big for your pet, it’s highly likely that it will be too heavy or too clunky for them to carry around in their mouths, which kind of beats the purpose. Similarly, if the toy is not big enough, your strong doggo will have no problem ruining it in days (even if they are not big on chewing things) and they simply won’t get as much out of it as it will not suit their play style – tug of war will be impossible in this case, for instance. So to avoid wasting money, be sure to check the dimensions of the toy before buying it! 

  • Design

You might think that dog rope toys don’t offer much in terms of versatility – I mean, it’s just a rope your pet loves tugging, what’s more to it than that? However, you’d be surprised at the creativity and cleverness of the many rope toy designs you can find on the market. There are dog rope toys with different accessories attached for more fun and greater versatility: balls, stuffed toys, rubber shapes, treat dispensers – all of these can be attached to a rope toy to jazz things up a bit. There are also designs centered around certain playstyles: dog rope balls for playing fetch, or rope toys made especially for tug of wars, with certain reinforcements and perks for the pet parent on the other part of the rope (let’s just say that rope burn doesn’t have to come with the territory). There’s plenty to choose from and plenty to consider- your pet’s preferences should be your guide, at least when it comes to design.

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