This Collapsible Dog Crate from Kickstarter Is a Pawrent’s Dream Come True

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When you consider that pet products are continually being improved and re-envisioned to fit in with the 21st century standards, it kind of makes you wonder why dog crates are still mostly the same old prison-cell looking cage as they were a few decades ago.

Diggs, a pet parent-owned company, is looking to change the way we view dog crates. Because crates look like cages and the wire construction can lead to injuries, dog lovers tend to feel guilty when they leave their pooch in it. And they shouldn’t, because responsible crating isn’t stressful for dogs who, as animals with denning instincts, see enclosed spaces as their own private safe haven.

Revold dog crate is stylish, modern and extremely easy to use- just what a pet parent needs!

That’s why the company redesigned the traditional wire crate into something more modern, stylish, safer and simple to use. Revol dog crate was made to take into consideration both what your pet needs and what you need, when it comes to aesthetics. The ergonomically designed dog crate can be opened from three sides (and effortlessly, I might add) and has a patent-pending collapsible mechanism that makes it possible for the whole crate to be stored away in a matter of minutes. It’s all about convenience and ease of use for us pawrents, right? Revol dog crate also comes with a lifetime warranty- which is not a shocker considering that they used only high-quality materials for production, such as food grade polypropylene plastic and steel mesh wire.

The company also offers a chance for you to snag another one of their products from the upcoming line of accessories for Revol dog crate- Snooz Crate Pad. The memory foam mattress has a removable and washable outer layer, that’s also tear and water resistant. And, let’s be honest, all pet parents go wild for things that are easy to clean and difficult to destroy. For obvious reasons.

If you dig what Digg has created for our pampered pooches, be sure to check out their Kickstarter campaign. Making a pledge gives you an opportunity to be among the first few who will have a dog crate fit for the 21st-century canine!