Fresh Water On-Demand With The PetSafe Drinkwell Fountain

Mary Simpson
by Mary Simpson
Cool, fresh and on-demand – the PetSafe Drinkwell Fountain offers your pet water whenever he wants it!

Let’s face it, while we humans consume gallons of energy drinks and those flavored waters infused with vitamins and minerals, its our furry friends that have it right. Just drink fresh water. Seriously, plain water is the immediate bevvie of choice for my furry crew of six and the first thing they head for after coming in from a walk. In fact, I’ve been trained that prior to kick-starting my coffee maker each morning, their water bowls get replenished.

That’s why the PetSafe Drinkwell fountain is such a natural choice for pet parents. It’s generous, 2-gallon size means you know your pooch (or feline) will never go thirsty when you head off to work for the day. Just fill it up with water and its pumping mechanism with adjustable flow feature lets you control the volume of water being dispensed, based on your pet’s needs. Its super easy to assemble and lets you select a lower flow for smaller pets and a stronger flow for larger animals or multi-pet households. Best of all, this indoor water dispenser means you’ll never need to fill multiple bowls again… and then worry about those tip-and-spill situations that leave your fur-kids thirsty.

What I love is the large capacity bowl that is ideally shaped for multiple users. I have two dogs that won’t wait for the other to finish before they start to drink. With the larger bowl, they can both enjoy fresh water without the splashing and mess that invariably ensues.

And while we’re talking about mess… aren’t our pets just the best at transferring bits of kibble and debris into their water dishes? With the PetSafe Drinkwell, a foam filter instantly captures hair and dirt before it reaches the water pump – so its never redeposited into the bowl. An easy-to-replace activated carbon filter keeps water tasting fresh and encourages hydration – which is so important in the prevention of kidney disease in our fur-kids. And because the water is continually circulating, it prohibits the growth of bacteria that can often occur in standard water bowls where food particles can contaminate.

Another great feature for busy pet parents is the actual construction of this water fountain. Made from BPA-free plastic, the PetSafe Drinkwell fountain is safe for every day use, it comes apart for easy cleaning and can even be tossed into the dishwasher.

Mary Simpson
Mary Simpson

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