Gosh! Launches EasyPlay Indiegogo Campaign for The Smartest Pet Toy Ev

Anxious about leaving your pet to his own devices while you’re at work? Keep an eye on your dog while keeping him occupied with the easyPlay ball.

A small indie developer called gosh! is preparing to launch an Indiegogo campaign for probably the smartest Smart Toy on the market. easyPlay is a small electric ball that will change your life. The toy engages your dog or cat like never before. It’s not just a treat dispensing toy; pet parents can pre-load hard treats or kibble into three different sections of the ball through an easy to unscrew top. Once a treat or feeding time has begun, easyPlay self-reloads a new portion of treats with an internal rotating motor, and plays a personalized voice recording to alert the dog or cat to play. The pet has to move the ball to get his/her treats out—treat dispensing during play is an important element of the toy to keep a pet active and engaged.

gosh! didn’t just pull these awesome new ideas out of their hat. Cat and dog behavior experts from the UC Davis Veterinary School of Medicine who have research supporting the need for these kinds of toys for cats and dogs. easyPlay really hits the nail on the head with these products.

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The product has a lot of really great other features, which include:

  • The ability control the easyPlay ball from your smartphone. Are you bored at work, or waiting for your doctor’s appointment? Engage your dog in this awesome interactive technique!
  • Camera with 2-way audio support allowing for communication between pets and their owners. Now you can praise your pup when they’re playing well!
  • Remote control through app, allowing user to move ball and engage pet.
  • Activity tracker that reports on how active the pet is using a G-sensor.
  • Engages pet on its own in random movements using Automatic Play mode, in case you have a busy day, but don’t want your pet to miss out on the interaction!
  • Ability to take photos or video with the app and share on Instagram or Facebook.
  • All features operate via Wi-Fi.

“It’s difficult to leave our pets home alone all day,” said Adam Anderson, managing director for gosh! “We’ve designed easyPlay to make it simple for pet parents to interact with their dog or cat from anywhere.” And isn’t it wonderful? This new trend of interactive dog toys is definitely making it easier for people to leave their pets at home as they go to work!

If you want to be the first on your block to get your paws on this cool toy, head to the easyPlay Indiegogo campaign page.

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Elisabeth Fillmore

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