How-To: DIY Sock Dog Toys

Shellie Sutera
by Shellie Sutera
They’re the funnest footwear to play with since the sock monkey craze! Make these sock dog toys yourself with a few items found around your home.

Your dog most likely goes through toys quickly. Dogs love to play with toys by chewing, slobbering and sometimes tearing them apart. Constantly replacing dog toys can be expensive. Are you looking for an easy way to lower your dog toy budget? You can make your own dog toys with items you have around your home – all you need are socks, tennis balls and an empty water bottle.

Sock ‘o’ Balls

This DIY toy is perfect for playing catch and chewing. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Adult size sock
  • Tennis ball(s)

Step 1: You’ve got plenty of socks you don’t wear and wouldn’t miss. Maybe you have a few that are missing a partner – it’s a great excuse to get rid of them! Be sure to choose a sock that is in good condition.

Step 2: Place the tennis ball(s) into the sock and press it down until it reaches the toe area and it fits snug. Tie the open end so the tennis ball doesn’t fly out when you throw it. (Note: Always supervise your dog when playing with these toys)

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Crinkle Bottle Sock Toy

This toy provides hours of fun for your dog and makes enticing noises (for the dog, not you).

What you will need:

  • Empty plastic water bottle
  • Adult size sock

Step 1: Choose an empty plastic water bottle that’s small enough to fit into a sock completely (no part of the plastic bottle should be exposed).

Step 2: Insert the Water Bottle and remove the cap. Make sure that the bottle is pushed right to the heel so the sock so that it fits snug. Tie off the end and let your dog have a field day. (Note: Always supervise your dog when playing with these toys)

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Your dog will enjoy biting and smashing this toy with his paw so it makes noise. The sock protects your dog’s gums and teeth from getting damaged.

These two toys are easy to make again and again, always providing your dog with fun toys at an affordable price. Keep loose socks in a small basket so you can make new toys in the future. If you can, pick bright colored socks so the toys are easy to see when placed on the floor. This will prevent you from tripping and stepping on them.

Keeping these toys clean is easy! You just remove the sock, throw it in the washing machine and place it back on the bottle or ball.

Providing toys for your dog keeps his or her mind occupied and makes them stay busy. Toys will keep your dog focused on chewing and biting the toys instead of your furniture or favorite pair of shoes.

Most dog breeds require mental stimulation as part of a well-balanced life. You will want to do your best to provide a variety of toys to keep things interesting – an occupied dog is a happy dog. Not only will your dog be happy, but so will you once you see how much money you’ve saved!

Shellie Sutera is a freelance writer from sunny Miami, Florida. When she’s not secretly smuggling her adorable dog Hercules into the local beaches for sun and surf, she’s a passionate writer that specializes in writing about dogs and all of their unique quirks. She spends her free time cooking Italian food, raft boating, volunteering and traveling to dog-friendly destinations.

Shellie Sutera
Shellie Sutera

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