Is Dog Unitard the Solution for Heavy Shedders?

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
They say that when it comes to fashion trends, what goes out always comes back in, and the unitard is no exception. Except this time, there’s a new spin on an old dog and it’s designed to keep shedding problems to a minimum.

Fashion-foward dogs will be sporting something new this season…the patent pending Shed Defender.

Don’t be fooled–it may look like a unitard (okay, it essentially is a unitard) for dogs, but its promises deliver! Though the name would lead you to believe it was simply to contain shed dog hair, the Shed Defender can also keep pets warm in the cold, contain dirt, dander and allergens in homes where family members are allergic and, similarly to the Thunder Shirt in a storm, can help dogs feel less anxious and more calm in stressful situations.

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More, the Shed Defender can help dogs stay clean and can protect dogs with skin diseases and allergies, as well as those with wounds (in place of the trusty old cone of shame!) or skin issues.

Tyson Walters, creator of the Shed Defender initially had his St. Bernard, Harley, in mind when inventing the Shed Defender. Harley’s shedding was out of control, no matter how much Walters attempted to groom and brush her, and he looked all over to find a solution to the clumps of hair he’d find all over his house and car. The answer simply didn’t exist, and so, Walters was inspired to create one.

Using a lightweight and breathable fabric that is similar to Dri-fit athletic mesh shirts, Walters counters those with concerns about the comfort level (specifically whether dogs wearing it will overheat) with the basics of what the Defender does–it contains hair. Walters claims the material does not make the dog too hot, and more, it just contains hair, not prevents dogs from shedding or matts their hair. Dogs will still shed, and he encourages pet owners to not keep the Shed Defender on for a prolonged amounts of time and to always brush dogs out after wearing the Shed Defender.

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The Shed Defender is machine washable and if you just want to get rid of contained hair without having to wash it, you can throw it in the dryer, easy peasy. It’s especially convenient on car rides for both anxiety reduction in your dog and reduction in hair all over the backseat….which we all know is super fun to try and vacuum out.

Ranging in price from $44.99 to $59.99, the Shed Defender comes in several hot colors, as any modern-day unitard should, and is guaranteed to make your dog the fashionista of the neighborhood.

All while it keeps tumbleweeds of hair from collecting all over the place.

Doggie unitard for the win!

[Source: Mashable]

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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