MyBullySticks: All Treat, No-Stink Bully Sticks For Your Best Friend

Lori Ennis
by Lori Ennis
Looking for a clean and healthy dog treat that will help your pup be happier and less destructive? Check out MyBullySticks treats and chews–they’re full of big fun for your dog and less mess and odor for you!

If you’re like me, you’re always on the hunt for a good treat for your best pals. There’s nothing that makes me happier than watching my pups going to town on something they love, and I’m always trying new products to find favorites.

I admit that I have shied away from many bully sticks because I’m not a super fan of the odor they seem to put out. I get it; they need to be enticing to dogs, and aren’t made to make a human’s olfactory senses go ga-ga. But, for some, the smell is overwhelming and I just avoid them in our house.

Until now, that is, as I gave a new line of treats for my dogs a shot and I wasn’t disappointed! MyBullySticks has a large selection of treats and chews that my dogs loved, and I’ll bet yours will too. Whether they’re into bully sticks, bones or even gullet strips, or jerky, MyBullySticks makes something your dog will keep asking for.

What’s In A Name?

The first thing I always do when looking at treats for my dog is read the label and research the ingredients. We love our dogs, and we want to give them the best. Especially when it comes to bully sticks, there’s a ton on the market and not all are created equally.

MyBullySticks use 100% grass-fed, free range cattle from South America as their number one ingredient. They’re inspected in a USDA-approved facility and by national food inspection authorities, so I don’t have to worry about lesser-quality ingredients or chemicals going into my dog’s body. Let’s face it—we don’t want any added hormones or chemicals and preservatives in our own foods and treats, so why would we be okay with that for our dogs? MyBullySticks uses high-protein cattle from Brazil, and you can trust your dog is only getting that beef—not any additional chemicals or homones.

A Chew A Day Keeps The Doggie Dentist Away

The number one reason I look for bully sticks and harder treats is for dental hygiene. I have two dogs, both Labrador mixes, and I want to make sure their teeth stay as pearly white and clean as they can. Dental health is so important to humans and dogs, and even though many laugh at the thought of ‘brushing a dog’s teeth,’ good dental hygiene keeps them healthier.

Dental scaling procedures mean that you have to put your dog under anesthesia, usually, and once you’ve begun the process of ‘cleaning’ a dog’s teeth at your local veterinarian’s office, you change the process of absorption of enzymes in their enamel. The best way to prevent premature oral surgery for your dogs is to give them treats that they’ll chew and chew and chew…and in the process, knock that tartar and plaque off their teeth on their own.

Finding a safe treat that they want to chew (and in turn, clean their teeth with) is a big deal in our house. MyBullySticks treats are just the thing to keep them interested, chewing and cleaning their teeth all at the same time.

Say Bye-Bye To Destruction

MyBullySticks are great for your dog’s teeth and they’re easy to digest with clean ingredients. But, they’re also great for those of us who have chewers. You know, those doggos who still like to destroy chew just about anything they can get their teeth on. With these bully sticks and treats, they can chew all they want, and satisfy their chewing urges. This means your stuff doesn’t get chewed as much, and your dog feels secure in knowing what is appropriate to chew and what isn’t.

My favorite, though, is that they don’t stink. Like I said, I couldn’t get past the odor of some other bully sticks, so I was so pleasantly surprised when I saw that these not only last a while, but they don’t stick. The folks at MyBullySticks say this is because many bully sticks still have too much moisture in them; they haven’t been dried long enough to remove all the moisture. MyBullySticks treats are dried longer so that all the water content is gone and that means so is the smell that all too often accompanies bully sticks. And, because they are chemical-, hormone- and preservative-free, they don’t make a mess everywhere like other treats we’ve tried can.

MyBullySticks Treats For The Win

I have picky dogs. Well, one is picky; the other isn’t necessarily, but her big sister is teaching her the ways. This means that they’re both pretty discerning, and finding something that they like and keeps them busy for a while is always something I’m trying to do.

Particularly for my little golden girl, who tends to have some obsessive tendencies. For instance, she’ll chase shadows from the sunlight and leaves in the trees for hours if I let her! So, toys and treats that stimulate her and keep her busy help deescalate the obsession.

I’m most happy that MyBullySticks treats are appealing to the picky one. She couldn’t get enough of them and kept sitting pretty to ask me for each of the different treats. They keep the obsessive one busy and keep my floors clean and odor-free. They’re natural treats I am not worried about giving them, and they’re made from ingredients that are sourced with dogs’ health in mind.

Lori Ennis
Lori Ennis

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