Product Review: MIU PET Shower and Deshedding Tool

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Anyone who has every bathed a dog who isn’t thrilled with the tub knows the struggle of wishing for an extra hand to hold the pooch still just long enough to reach the shampoo bottle. MIU PET offers a creative solution to this problem by making a pet shower that features one-hand operation, leaving the other hand free to hold on to your furry friend.

One of the cool things about the MIU PET Shower is that you can pre-load the head of this instrument with shampoo. That means so you don’t have to bother reaching for bottles while washing your dog – hey, anything that’ll help bathing your dog is a bonus! Just press the button on the shower head to control the flow of shampoo.

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The head of the shower tool is made with soft rubbery material that offers the added benefit of massage, which is much appreciated by dogs who have arthritis and muscle aches.

Installation of the pet shower was simple and quick. It includes four adapters to fit just about any faucet, and it’s as simple as screwing the hose onto the faucet before the bath, and unscrewing it when complete. It’s perfect for small dogs that’ll fit in the kitchen sink! Overall, I found that the MIU PET Shower was a time-saving device that made a typically unpleasant task quick, easy and enjoyable for both me and my dog.

The MIU PET Shower retails for $36.99, a great investment when you think about the cost of taking your pet to a groomer every couple of months.

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I also got to try out the MIU PET Deshedding Tool, when paired with the pet shower, helped to decrease the usual drain clogs when bathing my long-haired dog. Suitable for dogs of any coat length, the deshedder will quickly and easily pull loose hair from your dog, making it easier to brush through the under coat. It’s a 4-inch stainless-steel brush that comes equipped with a safe blade cover to protect the blade’s life span after you use it.

Now that we’re heading into spring, dogs are throwing their winter coats, and you’re bound to notice the dog hair tumbleweeds blowing around your house. However after using the deshedding tool prior to a bath, and again after drying, I found that the amount of loose hair around the house, in the week following its use, was noticeably less.

I think that the MIU PET Deshedding Tool would be an essential tool in any home, especially those with a medium- to long-haired pet.

The MIU PET Deshedding Tool costs $24.99, and comes in either blue or yellow.

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