The Much-Loved Furbo is 46% Off on Amazon Right Now

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Remember Furbo? You probably do. It was the hands-down winner of our “ Best Pet Tech of 2018“, it’s been featured on Ellen, and for anyone with a passion for both tech and furry friends, it’s one of the coolest things on the market right now. Why are we writing about it again, you might task? Well, the Furbo has just gone on sale via Amazon for a whopping 46% off, bringing it down to the lowest price we’ve seen—it’s only $134.99!

Using artificial intelligence, Furbo allows you to get real-time notifications about your dog’s behavior and events that happen while you’re not there. These Smart Alerts include:

  • Dog Activity Alert – The app will notify you as soon as it notices any continuous activity. If your pooch is pacing back and forth or running around the house, you’ll know right away!
  • Dog Selfie Alert – I know all of those will absolutely love this new feature! Furbo can now recognize when your pooch is looking directly into the camera, which prompts the camera to take fabulous snap of your pup! You’ll also get an instant alert (sent with the snapshot of your pet) so you can reward them with a treat or playtime.
  • Person Alert – The new AI-powered software is able to recognize humans as well, so you’ll be notified in case an intruder comes to your home, or if your dog walker came in on time. Handy, right?
Justin Mastine-Frost
Justin Mastine-Frost

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