Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Pet Lovers

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Holiday gifts: Furbo

You’d be hard-pressed to find a pet lover who wouldn’t squeal at the thought of finding Furbo camera under their Christmas tree! By far the most popular treat-tossing pet camera around, it will keep you connected with your pet at all times and make sure your furry best friend knows you’re always thinking about them. Remotely controlled by a smartphone app, Furbo will let you keep an eye on your pet, talk to them, and toss them treats. Now when you think about it, it’s as much of a gift for your cat or dog as it is for the owner!

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Holiday gifts: Hauspanther

Whoever said that crazy cat ladies aren’t stylish? The Simpsons might want you to think so, but the reality is much different- and the fact that sooo many kitty pawrents are drooling over this side table just proves it. Elegant and unique, this piece of furniture is not just for the enjoyment of the owner, as it has a raised lounge pod in the center, where a kitty can play or lounge. You can even use it to store your pet’s toys and make sure they’re always on hand. With metal hairpin legs and distinct shape of the table’s surface, the style is ideal for lovers of mid-century modern interiors. 

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Holiday gifts: SKECHERS Slippers

Nothing says a cozy Christmas eve like having your feet warm and snug in a pair of soft slippers. And with a memory foam footbed and faux fur lining, these slippers certainly deliver that hygge feeling! However, what makes them an ideal gift for any pet lover is not the fact that they are warm and comfy (although it does help) but the Cuddle Mutts design. It’s the print of dozens of cute dogs is what makes it for those pooch-loving peeps! Just put these on, grab a mug of cocoa and have a snuggle party with your four-legged companion. A perfect winter evening!

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Holiday gifts: Dog dad hoodie

If you’re looking to surprise a dog dad with a thoughtful holiday gift, you have to put yourself in their mindset. What’s the one thing that could make hanging out with their pooch better? A perfectly chilled can of beer in their hand, of course. Make sure their friends and family know what’s the secret behind their pawrenting success with this comfy cotton hoodie. The Beer Powered Dog Dad hoodie comes in 5 different colors and 8 sizes.

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Holiday gifts: Kate Spade umbrella

When it’s raining cats and dogs outside, when not come dressed for the occasion? Lightweight and well-made, this stylish Kate Spade umbrella will make the gloomy rainy days brighter with its black cat design with popup ears. The kitty whiskers are printed and the 3D ears give this umbrella its unique charm. Any kitty lover would be lucky to tote this umbrella around when doing errands- year-round! 

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Holiday gifts: SketchGrowl portrait

They say the best gifts are those that are customized as they show your thoughtfulness and the effort you’ve put in the choice. And one look at these personalized pet portraits easily proves it! From kitties and pooches posing as astronauts, generals, or royals, you can have your pick of scenery to place your four-legged model in. The process is super easy–you just pick a template and upload the pet’s pic- and will get you digital print of the “painting” you can take to a print shop and frame. So simple and affordable but at the same time a unique and memorable gift!

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Holiday gifts: Pj set

Gotta keep your priorities straight! Smooch the pooch and then you can mistletoe your way around the home. Ideal for lounging with your furry bestie right by your side, this comfy and cute PJ set is made from cotton flannel and it feels soft and cozy. With a roomy and relaxed fit, they are perfect to wear when you’re relaxing with a mug of tea or cocoa or having a well-deserved nap. It ain’t easy being a dog mom–you have to have your beauty sleep!

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Holiday gifts: Dog lover mug

One look at these cute mutt faces will turn around those ruff mornings! I can’t think of a single dog owner or lover that would delight in drinking their first cup of joe from this adorable mug. This is one of the reasons why this coffee or tea mug makes such a good gift–it’s versatile enough and universally liked by all pet lovers, so you can give it to a coworker, friend, or family member and get the same excited reaction. FDA approved, microwave safe, and dishwasher safe, this mug is not just cute but practical as well. 

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Holiday gifts: toy storageAny pet lover worth their salt will pamper their pet with toys. Dogs or cats, it doesn’t matter, the fact remains that we all get one too many toys for out spoiled furkids and the majority of them just lying around without them ever looking at it, let alone playing with them. That’s why this pet toy storage bin is an excellent gift for pet lovers- it’s cute, it’s practical, and it will definitely be appreciated.

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Holiday gifts: Pooch Selfie

Do you have a friend that’s constantly taking snaps of their pet and obsessively posting it on their media? If you can’t think of any, it’s probably because you’re that friend in the group. Either way, the Pooch Selfie stick is a gift that could up anyone’s Instagram game and give them plenty of perfectly captured memories to cherish. The brightly-colored tennis ball attaches to any phone with ease and it will make sure your pooch is fixated on the phone- long enough for you to take the perfect selfie. 

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