Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Pet Lovers

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This is the gift that every pet lover not only wants, but needs. Developed by the world’s leading dog DNA service, the Wisdom Panel™  Premium dog DNA test can uncover your dog’s breed mix down to 1% specificity as they test for 350+ breeds, varieties and types.

The DNA test kit also includes 200+ health tests that help uncover your dog’s potential health risks and medical complications, including insight into your dog’s vision, weight, mobility and even their drug sensitivities. If your pup does have a notable health finding, you can schedule a free phone call with one of Wisdom’s licensed veterinarians to talk about any health findings you may not understand or are concerned about—a Wisdom Panel™ Premium test exclusive that any pet parent would love.

And with Wisdom Panel™ Premium’s 35+ trait tests, you’ll be able to better understand your dog’s ideal weight range, their coat needs, their eye color and more.

When it comes to learning more about your best friend, and knowing all you can, the Wisdom Panel™ Premium is the best dog DNA test kit out there.

Use code HOLIDAYS35 for $35 off Wisdom Panel™ Premium.

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The biggest worry a pet lover has is about what happens if their pet should run off or get lost. But Whistle offers so much more. The leader in pet wearables, not only can Whistle GO Explore give you real-time tracking and escape alerts so you’ll always have the scoop on where your dog is, it can also give you information that keeps your dog his healthiest too. The Whistle GO Explore tracker is a wearable that monitors your dog’s health, giving you insight into your dog’s habits—licking, scratching, drinking, nighttime sleep and more. With this information, pet lovers are able to catch potential health issues before they become a problem, and even better? The Whistle app can send a 30-day health summary directly to your vet in an email, and  you are even able to chat with a vet through the app, as well as set activity goals for your pet based on their breed, age and weight.

It’s a top-of-the line device that’s waterproof and boasts a 3-mode built in night-light, but the 20-day battery is what helps give you the peace of mind when it comes to the real-time tracking if your dog should go missing. Another must-have if you’re a pet owner, and a great gift for pet lovers any day of the year.

Save up to $120 on the Whistle GO Explore Gift Set. This includes 15% off the Whistle GO Explore Tracker, 3 months free with a purchase of a 1 year Whistle 360º Plan Subscription, a FREE Whistle Leash ($49.95 value), and 50% off a Whistle Twist & GO Collar, from 12/1-12/31.

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Remember those stories of that robot vacuum taking trips through your doggo’s poop and making mass chaos all over the house? Guess what? Now you don’t ever have to worry about that with Roborock’s S6-MaxV.  Designed with reactive Artificial Intelligence to avoid obstacles (like piles of poop), dual cameras (because don’t most intelligent creatures have two eyes for better overall viewing and a strong suction power that will take all the crumbs the dog misses off the floor, it’s the perfect gift for pet parents everwhere.

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This canvas bag is the perfect gift for pet lovers

This bag from Sam & Nala quite possibly has the truest words ever thought written upon it. Sam & Nala works with artisans all over the world to do good, and these bags are clearly evidence. They were thoughtfully made using premium upcycled denim from the New Denim Project, and women of Creamos in Guatemala City were the proud artisans. Founder Jen Melton believes that local entrepreneurship can flourish in countries it hasn’t necessarily yet, with just some help where a non-profit’s reach ends. She works to create change in individuals, families and communities, so buying this bag for your 100 closest friends helps do that. 

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Calendars are hotter than ever this year because we’re all pretty ready to kick 2020 to the curb. These Workman Group calendars are just the thing to get your favorite pet lover excited about each new day in 2021. Workman has done away with shrink wrap and plastic backing for their Page-A-Day line, and so it’s now 100% recyclable. There are over 121 different types of calendars from which you could choose, but pet lovers drool over 365 Puppies and laugh (sad, but true) at Sad Animal Facts.

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Chala Crossbody Cell Phone Purse
This crossbody is a winner for pet lovers

This vegan crossbody is the perfect thing to tote around when you’re just needing to get and go. It has two straps that will allow you to configure it many different ways and with an external unzippered compartment as well as a main zippered compartment, it’s easy to have your cards, ID, money and phone. But on those days you want it for your keys, your passport, and some lipstick, it’ll be there too. Super soft and a go-to for cat or dog lovers.

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Holiday gifts: Furbo

You’d be hard-pressed to find a pet lover who wouldn’t squeal at the thought of finding Furbo camera under their Christmas tree! By far the most popular treat-tossing pet camera around, it will keep you connected with your pet at all times and make sure your furry best friend knows you’re always thinking about them. Remotely controlled by a smartphone app, Furbo will let you keep an eye on your pet, talk to them, and toss them treats. Now when you think about it, it’s as much of a gift for your cat or dog as it is for the owner!

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These cozy pajamas from Pajamagram are the perfect gift for dog lovers

This year has made us ALL Dog Tired, so why not get some soft and fuzzy flannels to commemorate? Perfect for snuggling with your pet, this comfy and cute PJ set is made from cotton flannel and it feels soft and cozy. With a roomy and relaxed fit, they are perfect to wear when you’re relaxing with a mug of tea or cocoa or having a well-deserved nap. It ain’t easy being a dog mom–you have to have your beauty sleep, and these are just the PJs to make that happen!

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Why’s it always gotta be about the crazy cat lady? Some Cat Dads out there want their due too and this mug’ll do the trick. FDA approved, microwave safe, and dishwasher safe, this mug is not just cute but practical as well. And honestly, it’s about time Cat Dads start making the holiday circuit, don’t you think?

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A customized face mask with your pooch is a great giftWho’d have ever thought we’d go gaga over a mask for a holiday gift? That’s 2020 for you, but gotta make the best of it, right? That’s just what Cuddle Clones does with these super soft and oh-so-custom face masks. You can personalize your look with your pooch’s mug AND do your part to keep people safe, just like your dog would want you to. Best, a portion of every purchase goes to help feed shelter dogs. Winner, winner, mask-wearing dinner!

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And if a custom mask isn’t your jam, that’s okay because you can also get your favorite pet lover some custom socks too. These cozy toesies look so realistic, your pet may bark at your feet when they see themselves. Perfect for pet parents of multiples because you can order a pair for each day of the week (and pet you have) and they’re not limited to just dogs or cats. If you can get a great up-close and personal of your bearded dragon? Go for it, and then wear those babies all over the place this winter!

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