Top 15 Best Dog Gates for Indoor and Outdoor Use

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Your dog is a part of your family, but sometimes, that doesn’t mean they get to have the whole house for themselves. And there are plenty of good reasons for it! It could be that you have guests or workmen in your home and want to keep your dog away but not cramped in a crate for what could possibly be hours. Sometimes, your newly adopted dog is still getting adjusted to his new four-legged roommates and you want the adjustment period to go smoothly. You might have an eager, mischievous puppy that’s still learning what’s OK and what’s not and you want to protect both your furniture and your puppy from inevitable trouble. Or you might not want to share your bedroom with your pooch and don’t want him to come “knocking” on your door. Whether it’s for their own safety or to just to create some healthy boundaries, dog gates are the solution if you want to keep certain areas of your home and yard off-limits for your furry companion.

Needless to say, not all dog gates are made alike. And it’s not just about the differences in the price tags and the quality of the gate itself. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, and their height and strength will play an important role when it comes to choosing the best dog gate. You wouldn’t expect that the same dog gate would hold a Great Dane and a Shih Tzu, would you? 

Dog gates come in a few different types to accommodate different locations in the home, various sizes of pooches, and the handiness skills of the person installing them. You can choose between freestanding dog gates, pressure-mounted dog gates, and hardware-mounted dog gates. 

Freestanding dog gates are just what the name implies- gates that are not fixed to a certain spot in the home. They can be moved around when you need them in another room or the other corner of the room, and they are much more versatile than dog gates that are drilled into the walls. On the other hand, they are not as sturdy as they are not mounted and can be toppled if a dog is rowdy and likes to jump. Overall, freestanding dog gates are the better option for open plan homes and can be used to section a part of the room- without the need for the gate to be fixed in place. 

Pressure mounted dog gates are easy to install and stay in place even if the pooch is trying to be a Houdini: there’s no need to drill into anything, though, as it’s the rubber that keeps the gate firmly where it’s supposed to be. It’s easy to see why this type of dog gates is also the most popular one- it gives you the stability of a drilled-in gate without the need for commitment. Need a gate for your bedroom this weekend, but usually prefer to ward of the kitchen from your curious puppy? No problem-o. Finally, these dog gates are ideal for people who want to keep their walls intact for whatever reason- the combination of the spindle and bumper ends is sturdy but doesn’t require any holes. Be warned, though, if your pooch is going to jump and bump at the gate all day long, the gates could potentially chip something even when not drilled in. Also, this type is not suitable for installing at the top of the stairs, as the risk of an energetic pooch toppling them and getting hurt is too big.

Lastly, there are hardware-mounted dog gates that are drilled into the doorway or the wall at the top of the stairs. The gate is attached to wall-mounted brackets, and it won’t wobble or leave room for toppling. While they require a bit more effort to install, they are also the best option if you need a permanent dog gate or a safe sturdy dog gate for a big, strong pooch. Or a devious petite one.

The types of dog gates are universal, as far as design goes, for both outdoor and indoor use. It’s the choice of material that will dictate if a gate is meant for one or the other. Naturally, when it comes to indoor dog gates and choice of materials, the world is your oyster: anything goes, from wood to plastic. When it comes to outdoor dog gates, the situation is a bit different.

The types of outdoor gates are the same as those of indoor ones: freestanding dog gates, pressure-mounted dog gates, and hardware-mounted dog gates. Outdoor gates are usually used to keep pooches within the limit of the porch or deck and block off access to the street or the yard. Naturally, this usually done for safety reasons, so most pet owners opt for hardware-mounted gates. As these are permanently in place (until you unscrew them), they will be exposed to the elements, so the materials have to be durable and weatherproof as much as it is possible.

Best outdoor dog gates are made from metal, such as iron, steel or aluminum. Iron and steel are tougher and stronger, but they need a layer of e-coating or another rust-preventing coating, whereas the lightweight aluminum is naturally resistant to the effects of rain, wind, and sun. Solid wood is also a fine choice, especially from an aesthetic perspective, but make sure that the finish is weather-resistant.

Regardless of whether you want to make sure your dog has some boundaries inside the home or turn your deck into a dog-friendly place for hanging out, you’ll find just what you need on our list below. We’ve rounded up the best dog gates the market has to offer, in all styles and types.

Top 10 Best Dog Gates: MyPet Windsor Arch Pet Gate for Dogs

Easy to install, sturdy and tough, and beautifully designed to boot- it’s hard not to be impressed by this pressure-mounted dog gate. You won’t have to drill into anything to get this gate fixed into your doorway, as the pressure knobs and wall cups keep this gorgeous gate tight in place. The steel construction ensures durability and robustness, and the bronze finish and the elegant arched shape makes it fit in every interior. The Windsor Arch Pet Gate swings open both ways and has a triple locking system to make sure your pooch doesn’t wiggle his way out. This dog gate fits 28.25 to 38.25 inches wide openings and is 28.5 inches wide.

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Top 10 Best Dog Gates: Perma Child Safety Extra Wide Outdoor Retractable Baby Gate

It’s no secret that baby gates double as dog gates. Heck, most pet owners think of their dogs as their furry babies, so it’s actually fitting. This particular dog-friendly gate is aimed at outdoor use, albeit it can be an indoor barrier as well. Use it to ward off access to stairs or to prevent your pooch from going to the backyard without your permission. The strong UV-resistant mesh will keep pets from 10 to 40 pounds contained, and it’s up to 71 inches wide and 33 inches tall. While you screw this to the wall or doorway, it’s retractable (one-handed operation) and it’s a good choice for high traffic areas.

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Top 10 Best Dog Gates:Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Pet Gate

Have both a dog and a cat? But you wouldn’t dare dream of trying to restrict your feline overlord’s movement? Check out this walk-through pet gate that has a built-in small pet door (8 by 8 inches) that will let your kitty through but keep your doggo safe inside the designated area. This 30.5 inches tall pet gate is also a perfect choice for wide doorways, as it expands between 29 to 36.5 inches wide. The lever-style handle with one-touch release safety lock is easy to operate (for you) but will ensure your pet doesn’t break out.

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Top 10 Best Dog Gates:Evenflo Position and Lock Tall Pressure Mount Wood Gate

As it’s pressure-mounted, this dog gate is easy to install and won’t damage your fixtures. Made from wood and tough plastic mesh, this dog gate comes in two colors- tan and farm gate, to fit in seamlessly inside any room. Even the craftier dogs, such as those who like to jump over gates, will find this robust and tall gate a challenge. Position & Lock gate is 32 inches tall and expands from 31 inches to 50 inches wide. Just make sure that the locking bar is not on the side of the gate that’s facing your pooch, and you’ll be golden!

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Best dog gates: Carlson Walk-Through

This tough and durable pet gate is specially designed for outdoor use. Made from all-steel with a finish that is both rust-proof and weather-resistant, this pressure-mounted gate is ideal for top or bottom of decks. It’s easy to open (for humans) so you won’t have to fiddle with it every time you want to pass, but the double lock lever handle makes it impossible for your pet to do the same. This outdoor dog gate is designed for openings between 29 and 42 inches. It also features a small opening for cats- in case your feline friend is free to roam the property!

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It usually doesn’t take all that much to stop a doggo right in its tracks- unless you have a young, energetic dog or a large breed pet. This might be a simpler, lightweight design but it still does the trick that every dog gate should. No need for cumbersome wood gates and complex designs if all you need is a temporary barrier for a well-trained dog. Pet Safety Guard Mesh Dog Gate is made from high durability, high-density elastic nylon fiberglass mesh fabric and will help you prevent your pooch from getting to areas you don’t want them to reach. Made to be lightweight and easy to use, this gate is attached to the stairway or doorway with four simple sticky hooks – once they are in place, little can nudge them off.

What is more, the gate is reinforced with two adjustable steel poles that make it way more stronger and perfectly stretched out. Keep in mind that – being a net gate – it might not stop your big Great Dane, or any other extra large and strong breed. But for a senior dog, or a small and medium-size breed dog that isn’t overly destructive, Pet Safety Guard Mesh Dog Gate will be more than enough of an obstacle.

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Top 10 Best Dog Gates: Richell Wood Freestanding Pet Gate

This freestanding gate with side panels is designed to be moved easily around your home- but not by a four-legged family member. Made from rubberwood timber and 7 gauge wire, Richell freestanding dog gate is sturdy and robust, and won’t be easily pushed over by your pet. The rubber feet on the bottom of the gate keep it stable and resistant to toppling, especially when placed over hardwood floors. Still, despite the fact that it is quite tough, this wooden gate is recommended for small dogs that weigh 6.5 to 17.5 lbs. The panels slide out so this dog gate will fit openings from 39.8 inches to 71.3 inches wide, and stands at 20.1 inches.

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Top 10 Best Dog Gates: Carlson Pet Products Lil' Tuffy Expandable Gate

If you have a toy dog breed or a petite pooch, it’s not necessary to get a big, clunky gate to keep them confined to another room. Special cases aside, most small dogs won’t be a “threat” to your average baby gate as they lack the strength and height to go through the barricades. This compact pressure-mounted dog gate assembles effortlessly and even has a small pet door to let the cat through. It will fit a variety of openings, as it expands from 26 to 38 inches in width and is 18 inches tall. 

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best dog gates: cardinal outdoor safety

Weatherproof, strong, and durable, this hardware-mounted dog gate is ideal for outdoor use. Made from a combo of stainless steel and aluminum, it will withstand the elements and still be sturdy enough to keep your pooch contained on the deck or porch. This dog gate is available in 3 different colors- brown, white, or black- and has an adjustable width of 29.5 inches to 42. 5 inches.

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Top 10 Best Dog Gates: Primetime Petz 360 Configurable Gate with Door

Stylish and durable, this dog gate is made from chew-resistant solid wood and boasts a modern design. Instead of sticking out like a sore thumb, this gate will actually look like a decorative item rather than a pet-related necessity. It also comes in walnut and white finish, so it will fit any type of interior. As a freestanding dog gate, Primetime Petz 360 configurable door doesn’t have to be mounted and allows for countless combinations for confinement. It comes in 3 sizes – 24, 30, or 36 inches wide- and it will be a good fit for most breeds.

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Top 10 Best Dog Gates: North States Mypet Paws 42 Portable Pet Gate

If you want something inexpensive that does the job, you’ll love this plastic dog gate. Extremely easy to install, and later lock and unlock, this adorable dog gate is a great choice for small dogs or puppies. While the light grey plastic is durable, it’s not tough enough to keep a big, strong dog in if he’s keen on getting out of the room. The height of this dog gate is 23 inches and it fits openings 26 to 42 inches wide.

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Stylish and simple, this sliding barn door style pet gate blends in perfectly with rustic-inspired decor and home interior. The gate is sturdy and safe, both in terms of the materials and design. Meant to be mounted on the wall, this dog gate is ideal for top or bottom of stairways. Summer Mill Valley Safety Gate fits spaces that are 29 inches to  42 inches wide.

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If you want your dog gate to look like it’s part of the decor rather than just another pet accessory, you’re in luck. This insanely stylish wrought iron gate will bring ornamental value to your home and not take away from it, like pet or baby gates tend to do. Of course, this is a high-end pet gate with a price tag that reflects it, so this can be a downside if you’re on a budget. Designed to fit 28 inches to 34 inches wide openings, this is is a heavy-duty pressure-mounted pet gate that will suit most small to large dogs.

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Top 10 Best Dog Gates: Carlson Home Decor Walk Through Pet Gate

Bringing together style and functionality, this gorgeous pet gate will not look out of place in a stylish apartment. The all-steel, “chew-proof” pet gate boasts a striking black finish and cherry wood accents. It will keep your pooch safely confined but also add decorative value to your home. With dimensions of 30 to 32 inches wide and 30 inches in height, this elegant dog gate will fit most openings in your home.

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Best dog gate: North States Easy-Close Gate

Easy to close but not so easy for dogs to get out of, this budget-friendly pressure-mounted dog gate can be used both indoors and outdoors. Thanks to its powder-coated steel construction, it will fit in with most interiors and withstand weather elements outside. Fits spaces that are between 28 and 38.5 inches wide.

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