Best Ramps for Dogs

Angela Vuckovic
by Angela Vuckovic

Does your pet need some help getting around? Check out these mobility ramps that will make sure your senior or arthritic dog is safe, both when you travel or want to snuggle on a sofa.

For dogs in their golden years, things like jumping on a bed or getting into a car can become impossible (and painful) tasks. You might have already started noticing the impaired mobility signs that come with age, from hesitation when he wants to get on the sofa for snuggles to an occasional whimper when they muster up the courage to jump, Or, you might have a senior dog who isn’t just suffering from joint pain typical for their years, but has arthritis. Either way, impaired mobility is one of the most common health issues that aging pets face and it will require your involvement to improve their quality of life in the golden years.

Other dogs have similar problems in their youth, as well- small breed dogs are particularly prone to back injuries when jumping on and off of higher surfaces. A slipped disk, sprained ankle, or a strained muscle can all happen regardless of a dog’s age, and the biggest percentage of these injuries happens when a pet is trying to jump on or off the furniture or out of the car.

Regardless of your pet’s age, having an aid to help them reach higher surfaces in the home or when you’re out and about without injuring themselves is a must. That’s where mobility ramps for dogs come in, as these nifty accessories make sure your pet gets to go wherever they want without risking their safety and health. To help you make the best decision for your pet and help them have free reign of your home, we’ve put together a list of the best ramps for dogs- and a short guide on how to recognize the features that make them the best.

1. Editor’s Pick: The Pet Gear Bi-Fold Pet Ramp with supertraX

Greater stability for your pet and easier for you to clean- what’s not to love? The supertraX mat is pressure activated, so it provides sure footing for your senior pooch, even if they weigh up to 150 lbs. It’s the mat’s unique texture that makes sure that the paw is not going to slip during the descend, as the coiled high-density polyethylene activates when pressure is applied- your pet’s weight is what makes this material so grippy and practical to use. It’s ideal if you want a ramp that will prevent slipping and will be easy to clean (the mats are attached with velcro for easy removal). To make things even more convenient, the ramp has a built-in carry handle and a bi-fold design that ensures that the whole thing is easy to carry and store away when you don’t need it. This handy ramp measures 66 by 16 by 4 inches.

2. Runner Up: PetSafe Solvit Deluxe Telescoping Pet Ramp

Weighing only 13 lbs, this lightweight aluminum pet ramp can easily be picked up and mounted for use. But don’t let the lightness of it fool you! This ramp is super sturdy and robust and it can support over 400 lbs of weight. It’s the combination of aluminum and plastic that gives it its unusual combo of durability and minimal weight. The high traction walking surface of the ramp is secure to use for all dogs, senior or young, as it gives them sure footing even when the climb is a bit steep. Plus, it has rubber feet to stabilize it and side rails for added security and prevention of falls and slipping. And since it is fully adjustable thanks to its telescoping design – from 39 inches to 72 inches – you can use it to get your doggo on and off pick-up trucks, SUVs, or grooming table.

To boot, it’s also super easy to set up. Just set the upper end on the surface to which your dog is climbing (furniture, car, etc), un-snap the safety release strap, pull out the inner slides to the desired length and set the end on the ground. Next, you’ll want to lay the ramp on its side and slide out the inner section and place everything in the position it will be used in. That’s it- all that remains is placing the ramp upright and getting your pooch to use it!

3. Best Wood: Solvit Wood Bedside Ramp

If your bed is too high for your pooch, ramp or stairs are a must. Constant jumping off the bed or climbing to get to a favorite nap spot can put an unnecessary strain on your dog’s back and joints, or even cause serious injury if they slip or jump badly. To prevent pain and costly vet bills, you should make sure your pet has a way to get on and off furniture safely- and this gorgeous wooden ramp is a great choice. This wooden bedside ramp is not only sturdy and useful, but it also boasts a stylish design and cherry finish. The gentle climbing slope is ideal for dogs of all shapes and sizes, and the 25-inch height and 70-inch length ensures it fits with most queen and king size beds. The removable carpeted walking surface gives a study and stable grip to any size paw (it supports pets up to 120 pounds), and it’s easy to clean so the ramp will look like new even if your pooch mucks it up.

4. Best Folding: PetSTEP Original Folding Pet Ramp

Strong, simple and versatile, this heavy-duty pet ramp will help with your pet’s mobility issues. The soft non-slip ridged rubber surface of the ramp minimizes the risk of slipping and stabilizes the movement of your pet, and it also means that the ramp can be cleaned with just a bit of water and soap. The ridges also give superior traction in wet conditions, so it’s perfect to use in all seasons. Owing to the high-quality plastic materials, the ramp is durable yet lightweight. The advanced composite plastic will hold up to a whopping 500 pounds, so every pet can use this ramp with the same safety and ease. When open PetSTEP Original Folding Pet Ramp measures 70 by 17 by 2.5 inches.

5. Best Artificial Terf: Gen7Pets Natural Step Ramp

This greenery-adorned pet ramp will surely put some spring in your pet’s step! The pretty Poly-Grass surface is not just easy on the eyes but soft for your dog’s paws. The unique texture gives paws a gripping texture that makes sure your dog won’t slip and slide when climbing up or down the ramp. And, if it happens to get damaged after years of use, you can just remove the artificial turf and replace it with new ones that are available through the manufacturer. The added comfort is ensured with the widest walking path for a 72″ long ramp. While compact when folded, this wide and long ramp gives a big walking surface and improved stability due to rubber grippers on both ends. Gen7Pets Natural Step Ramp holds up to 250 lbs.

6. Best Made in the USA: WeatherTech PetRamp

In case you want that American-made quality… This is the only pet ramp on Amazon that’s been made in the USA. Even the materials used for manufactures are local- they use the leading-edge USA made proprietary resin. As a result, the ramp is lightweight and weighs only 16 pounds, but can withstand the weight of up to 300 pounds with unparalleled strength and durability. The molded-in, soft, textured rubber walking surface gives stability and prevents slips, especially in combination with the raised side rails. It’s great if you have a big rowdy pooch or a senior that needs an extra layer of support and security. This ramp is sturdy, features simple but modern design and it will be a good fit for most pets and most cars. Just fold it and pop it in the trunk and you’re ready to hit the road!

7. Best for Smaller Breeds: Pet Gear Stramp Stair and Ramp Combination

Despite what the name suggests, there are no stairs in this type of pet ramp. It is just one step that serves as a free-standing ramp for small or medium-size dogs. It’s ideal for those pooches that need a bit of help getting on and off the furniture without risking injury or experiencing pain. Luckily, the neutral colors and elegant design make sure that the “stramp” matches most (if not all) interiors. The extra-wide step makes this unusual ramp suitable for dogs of all sizes that weigh up to 175 pounds. Rubber grippers on bottom keep step secure and in place and the carpet surface can be removed and washed in the machine. Napping on the sofa has never been more accessible!

8. Best Lightweight: ALL FOR PAWS Pet Ramp

This robust pet ramp might weigh only 10.5 lbs but it will hold dogs that weigh up to 200 lbs! The lightweightness to toughness ratio is truly impressive. Budget-friendly, convenient to use, and portable, AFP pet ramp will impress most owners. The bi-fold design makes it easy to transport and take it with you on the road, and store somewhere inconspicuous when it’s no longer needed. The non-slip surface of the ramp is similar to truck beds and skateboards, and it will keep your pet safe and comfortable. To make sure that there’s an added layer of anti-slip protection, AFP pet ramp also has raised side rails, and it is suitable for seniors and young dogs alike.

9. Best Freestanding: Pet Gear Free Standing Ramp

Unlike the majority of ramps for dogs on the market, which are to be “attached” to the back of your car or any other surface, free-standing ramps don’t require a foothold. The ramp supports itself which makes it perfect for indoor and outdoor use both. So if you need something versatile that can be used both for your car and around your home, this ramp is a great solution. Made from tough and durable materials, it is designed to support a pet’s weight from 200 to 350 pounds, depending on the specific model you pick. And, as the supertraX mat which makes the walking surface is well-known for its grip and no-slip qualities, this free-standing ramp is safe to use for seniors.

10. Best Mini Ramp: Gen7Pets Mini Indoor Pet Ramp

For access to beds and furniture, this carpeted ramp is a great choice. Measuring 42 by 16 by 1.5 inches, it will be a good fit for most standard furniture (heights up to 2 feet), and a weight capacity of up to 200 pounds makes it suitable for most pooches to use. Plus, it folds in two, it’s lightweight and easy to store. What more do you need? The carpeted walking surface helps pets climb up and down without slipping or falling, as it is soft and give them stability. Your precious Chihuahua or Doxie will love being able to safely and easily get to the sofa for some snuggles!

11. Best Telescoping: Titan 28 – 61 Telescoping Collapsible Pet Ramp

You’d think that a ramp with a 13 inches wide and 61.5 inches long walking surface would be clunky and difficult to store, but that’s not the case with the Titan’s telescoping pet ramp. The three-section construction collapses to more than half of its size and it will fit in the back of every car. Extremely lightweight at just 13 pounds, this durable ramp can support up to 180 pounds of weight and the wide stepping surface makes it suitable for all dog breeds. On the bottom of the ramp, the large rubber feet keep the construction in place and safe for seniors and youngsters alike. Also, the grooved surface keeps your pet stable while they use the ramp and the bone pattern is just plain cute.

12. Best Plush: PETMAKER 18″ Foldable Pet Ramp

If you have a furry little royal in your home, this plush luxurious pet ramp is the way to help them get on their throne. Measuring 30.5 inches by 15 inches by 18 inches, this compact ramp is a good match for most people’s furniture height. The wooden foldable ramp with a mahogany finish is paired with a soft, velvety chocolate brown fabric for a soft and pampering ascend to the furniture. When it’s time for sprucing it up, just spot clean or vacuum the soft cushions and the elegant ramp will look as good as new. Needless to say, this petite ramp is fit for dogs under 80 lbs- Yorkies, Doxies, Shih Tzus and Poms will find it ideal.

13. Best Deluxe: Solvit Deluxe TriScope Ramp

This lightweight dog ramp is sturdy and reliable, but the added security of raised rails on both sides will make some dogs (and their owners) feel safer using it. The high traction walking surface is also comfortable to walk on and less likely to cause slipping and falling, especially for seniors. Made from tough aluminum material, this dog ramp manages to be both light (14 pounds) to pick up and tough enough to withstand 300 pounds of weight on it. When collapsed, the three telescoping sections become quite compact and easy to pick up and store wherever you want. To boot, the company also offers accessories such as pet ramp carrying case or side door adapters if you really want to prepare for every option.

14. Best for Heights: The XL Deluxe Telescoping Pet Ramp

The additional length of this Solvit pet ramp provides a gentle climbing angle and gives your pet extra walking space to help them reach high elevations. It is also completely adjustable size-wise so you can make sure that it will fit any situation and any pet with ease: it can be lengthened from 47 to 87 inches to control the slope and surface of the descend (or ascend). The wide surface is also suitable for big and small breeds alike, as well as the maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds. With high-traction surface, side rails, and ultra-stiff design with rubber feet his ramp stays perfectly in place and safe for all pooches to use, even at an extra-large size.

15. Honorable Mention: Mr. Herzher’s Smart Ramp

The Shur-Foot tread material of the walking surfaces is the same one used for hooman pedestrians. It’s high traction and gives paws a good grip, making it less likely for a pooch to stumble and fall when gliding down. Also, the side rails are a nice touch- an extra layer of safety never hurt anyone. The complete construction is quite impressive, as the Rigid-Rail frame is similar to that of modern fiberglass ladders and it’s made precisely for safety and sturdiness. Offering a variety of lengths this pet ramp will allow your pet to get to various heights with the same ease and comfort. Mr. Herzher’s Smart Ramp is available in 2 sizes, junior and regular, the first suitable for dogs up to 150 pounds, and the latter that can handle up to 300 pounds. The larger model can be adjusted for length- varying from 42 to 70 inches.

What to look for in the best dog ramps?

Ramps for dogs come in different styles, sizes, and materials, and depending on your unique preferences, some might be a better match than others. If you’re unsure how to tell what ramps for dogs are worth your money, read on and find out what features to look for in dog ramps.

Weight Limit

Make sure your chunky pooch is walking on a surface designed to support his weight- always check the recommended weight capacity before purchase.


Just because it’s a ramp, it doesn’t have to mean that it’s completely safe for an eldery dog to climb. The best ramps for dogs have no-slip walking surface and side rails, both of which will minimize the chances of slipping and falling.

Outdoor vs Indoor

If you are looking to use a pet ramp exclusively to help your pooch get to and from furniture, check compact ramps in the height of your bed, that are designed to match your interior decor (if possible). On the other hand, if you need something to help a dog get in a car, take a look at large, weatherproof, telescoping or collapsible ramps that can be stored and transported easily.

How should I train my dog to use dog ramps?

As it is usually the case with dog training, you should rely on positive reinforcement methods to teach your dog to use a ramp. The first step is to let your dog get familiar with the ramp: lay it flat on the floor, so they can sniff it and walk on it without the added height in order to feel more comfortable with their new mobility aid. Next, start using treats to get your dog to walk on the ramp when it is assembled- bait them with a treat so they would follow it on the stairs, and if they are vary or jump in the middle of the process, just repeat patiently. After a while, your dog will realize that a ramp is safe and practical to use, even when not bribed with treats to do so.

How to attach a dog ramp to stairs?

This will depend if you’ve made your own DIY dog stair ramp or bought it pre-made. The design, in either case, is angled over the stairs, creating a flat surface to walk on which is easier on your dog’s hips and back. The method of attachment will vary, from rubberized ends to those dog ramps that need to be drilled into the stairs- choose the option according to your pet’s weight and the size of the stairs in question.

How do I measure my dog for a ramp?

Dog ramps and stairs come in different dimensions to accommodate for different sizes and body types of all canines. To make sure that the ramp you’ve chosen will fit your pooch, you’ll have to measure them and compare dimensions of the ramp with their measurements. The width of the ramp should be a couple of inches wider than your pet’s broadest measurements of hips and shoulders, and the height of the steps should be no more than 2 inches taller than the length of your pet’s legs. Use a measuring tape to get your pet’s hip, shoulder, and leg length measurements.

Best Dog Steps and Stairs for Pets With Mobility Issues

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